List of All Localities/Villages in YELDURTHY

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Achampet DARIPALLY B.O 502255
Akkampally KUKNOOR B.O 502109
Andugulapalle MANEPALLY B.O 502109
Aregudem YELDURTHY B.O 502255
Bandameedipally YELDURTHY B.O 502255
Bandaposanpalle BANDA POSANIPALLY B.O 502117
Baswapur KUKNOOR B.O 502109
Bommaram MASAIPET S.O 502335
Cheerlapally YELDURTHY B.O 502255
Cherlapally Thanda YELDURTHY B.O 502255
Chinna thimmaipally MASAIPET S.O 502335
Damarancha KUKNOOR B.O 502109
Dharmaram M. JALALPUR. B.O 502109
Edulapalle BANDA POSANIPALLY B.O 502117
Erramatti Thanda BANDA POSANIPALLY B.O 502117
Esvantharaopet MANGALPARTHY B.O 502109
Esvanthraopet thanda MANGALPARTHY B.O 502109
Gopalakrishnapuram MASAIPET S.O 502335
Gudem MANEPALLY B.O 502109
Hakimpet DARIPALLY B.O 502255
Hastalpur YELDURTHY B.O 502255
Konaipally Thanda UPPU LINGAPUR B.O 502255
Koppulapalle NAGULAPALLY B.O 502335
Kothapally BANDA POSANIPALLY B.O 502117
Kuknoor KUKNOOR B.O 502109
Manepalle MANEPALLY B.O 502109
Mangalparthy MANGALPARTHY B.O 502109
Mangalparthy thanda MANGALPARTHY B.O 502109
Mannevar Jalalpur M. JALALPUR. B.O 502109
Masaipet MASAIPET S.O 502335
Masaipet rly Station MASAIPET S.O 502335
Mellor YELDURTHY B.O 502255
Nagaram Thanda MANEPALLY B.O 502109
Nagarambanda thanda SETTIPALLY KALAN B.O 502117
Nagsanpally MASAIPET S.O 502335
Nagulamma Thanda BANDA POSANIPALLY B.O 502117
Panthulapally KUKNOOR B.O 502109
Peddammagadda MANEPALLY B.O 502109
Peddapur YELDURTHY B.O 502255
Ramaipally BANDA POSANIPALLY B.O 502117
Ramanthapur MASAIPET S.O 502335
Redya Thanda SETTIPALLY KALAN B.O 502117
Serila YELDURTHY B.O 502255
Settipalle Kalan SETTIPALLY KALAN B.O 502117
Shemshireddypally YELDURTHY B.O 502255
Sowgathu thanda BANDA POSANIPALLY B.O 502117
Uppulingapur UPPU LINGAPUR B.O 502255
Yedulapally Thanda BANDA POSANIPALLY B.O 502117
Yeldurthy YELDURTHY B.O 502255
Yelkapally YELDURTHY B.O 502255

We have pincode or post office details available for 51 localities of YELDURTHY taluka / tehsil in our database.