List of All Localities/Villages in YELAL

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Achuthapur PAGDYAL B.O 501144
Adhalipur REGONDI B.O 501142
Agnoor AGNOOR B.O 501144
Amberpet BENNUR B.O 501144
Annasagar PAGDYAL B.O 501144
Banapur PAGDYAL B.O 501144
Bennur BENNUR B.O 501144
Bhagaipalle PAGDYAL B.O 501144
Chennaram CHENNARAM B.O 501144
Devanoor DEVNOOR B.O 501144
Doulapur TIMMAIPALLI B.O 501144
Gangasagar RASNAM B.O 501121
Girijapur TIMMAIPALLI B.O 501144
Gorepalle DEVNOOR B.O 501144
Hajipur YALAL S.O 501144
Jakkepalle BENNUR B.O 501144
Juntpalle JUNTAPALLI B.O 501144
Kamalapur YALAL S.O 501144
Kishtapur YALAL S.O 501144
Kokat KOKAT B.O 501141
Lakshminarayanapur CHENNARAM B.O 501144
Mazrasangam YALAL S.O 501144
Muddaipet PAGDYAL B.O 501144
Mukundapur TIMMAIPALLI B.O 501144
Nagasamundar DEVNOOR B.O 501144
Pagdial PAGDYAL B.O 501144
Payarkampalle JUNTAPALLI B.O 501144
Raghapur KOKAT B.O 501141
Rasnam RASNAM B.O 501121
Rasoolpur TANDUR S.O 501141
Thimmaipalle TIMMAIPALLI B.O 501144
Viswanathpur YALAL S.O 501144
Yalal YALAL S.O 501144
Yenkapalle AGNOOR B.O 501144

We have pincode or post office details available for 34 localities of YELAL taluka / tehsil in our database.