List of All Localities/Villages in WANGOI SUB-DIVISION

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Arong ARONG B.O 795132
Bengoon Maning Leikai BENGOON MANING LEIKAI B.O 795132
Bitra Urokhong WANGOI S.O 795009
Bitra Urokhong BITRARAKHONG B.O 795009
Chabung Company CHABUNG COMPANY B.O 795132
Chirai Muslim CHIRAI MUSLIM B.O 795132
Chongtham Kona WANGOI S.O 795009
Hangoon SANTHEL B.O 795132
Hayel SANTHEL B.O 795132
Hiyangthang WANGOI S.O 795009
Hiyangthang HIYANGTHANG B.O 795009
Irom Meijrao IROM MEIJRAO B.O 795009
Irom Meijrao WANGOI S.O 795009
Kodompokpi KODOMPOKPI B.O 795009
Kodompokpi WANGOI S.O 795009
Komlakhong KOMLAKHONG B.O 795132
Komlakhong MAYANG IMPHAL S.O 795132
Lairenjam IROM MEIJRAO B.O 795009
Langthabal Kunja MANIPUR UNIVERSITY S.O 795003
Langthabal Lep LANGTHABAL B.O 795003
Langthabal Lep MANIPUR UNIVERSITY S.O 795003
Langthabal Mantrikhong LANGTHABAL B.O 795003
Langthabal Mantrikhong MANIPUR UNIVERSITY S.O 795003
Langthabal Phuramakhong MANIPUR UNIVERSITY S.O 795003
Langthabal Phuramakhong LANGTHABAL B.O 795003
Laphupat Tera MAYANG IMPHAL S.O 795132
Laphupat Tera LAPHUPAT B.O 795132
Leiphrakpam Leikai LAIPHRAKOM B.O 795140
Leiphrakpam Leikai TULIHAL S.O 795140
Loukok Mayai Leikai LOUKOK MAYAI LEIKAI B.O 795132
Malom Tulihal TULIHAL S.O 795140
Malom Tuliyaima TULIHAL S.O 795140
Mayang Imphal Bengoon MAYANG IMPAHL BENGOON B.O 795132
Meitram TULIHAL S.O 795140
Mongsangei MANIPUR UNIVERSITY S.O 795003
Mongsangei MONGSANGEI B.O 795003
Mutum Phibou MUTUM PHIBOU B.O 795132
Naorem Leikai SINGJAMEI S.O 795008
Naral Konjil WANGOI S.O 795009
Ningombam NINGOMBAM B.O 795003
Oinam Leikai WANGOI S.O 795009
Paobitek WANGOI S.O 795009
Paobitek PAOBITEK B.O 795009
Phoubakchao MAYANG IMPHAL S.O 795132
Phoubakchao PHOUBAKCHAO B.O 795132
Samurou WANGOI S.O 795009
Samushang WANGOI S.O 795009
Sangaiprou Mamang SANGAIPROU B.O 795140
Takhellambam Konjil WANGOI S.O 795009
Thongam PHOUBAKCHAO B.O 795132
Uchiwa MAYANG IMPHAL S.O 795132
Uchiwa UCHIWA B.O 795132
Uchiwa Wangban UCHIWA WANGBAN B.O 795132
Wakching Khullen IROM MEIJRAO B.O 795009
Wangoi WANGOI S.O 795009
Yumnam Huidrom WANGOI S.O 795009
Yumnam Huidrom YUMNAM KHUNOU B.O 795009

We have pincode or post office details available for 59 localities of WANGOI SUB-DIVISION taluka / tehsil in our database.