List of All Localities/Villages in VIJAYAWADA (URBAN)

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode A.C.COMPANY S.O 520003
A.p.h.b.colony A.P.H.B.COLONY S.O 520012
A.p.u.h.s A.P.U.H.S S.O 520008
Ambapuram KAMAKOTINAGAR S.O 520012
Arundalpet ARUNDALPET S.O 520002
Autonagar AUTONAGAR S.O 520007
Azitnagar AZITNAGAR S.O 520015
Bhavanipuram BHAVANIPURAM S.O 520012
Buckinghampet BUCKINGHAMPET H.O 520002
Chandramoulipuram CHANDRAMOULIPURAM S.O 520010
Chittinagar CHITTINAGAR S.O 520001
Civil Coursts CIVIL COURSTS S.O 520002
Durga Agraharam DURGA AGRAHARAM S.O 520002
Durgapuram DURGAPURAM S.O 520003
Gandhinagaram Vijayawada GANDHINAGARAM S.O (VIJAYAWADA) 520003
Gunadala GUNADALA S.O 520004
Industrial Estate Krishna INDUSTRIAL ESTATE S.O (KRISHNA) 520007
Jakkampudi KAMAKOTINAGAR S.O 520012
Kamakotinagar KAMAKOTINAGAR S.O 520012
Kanuru AUTONAGAR S.O 520007
Kattubadipalem KATTUBADIPALEM B.O 521228
Krishnalanka KRISHNALANKA S.O 520013
Lakshminagar LAKSHMINAGAR S.O 520011
Machavaram Krishna MACHAVARAM S.O (KRISHNA) 520004
Moghalrajpuram MOGHALRAJPURAM S.O 520010
Patamata PATAMATA S.O 520010
Patamata Lanka PATAMATA LANKA B.O 520015
Payakapuram AZITNAGAR S.O 520015
Payakapuram. PAYAKAPURAM. B.O 520015
Punnamathota PUNNAMATHOTA S.O 520010
Purnanandampet PURNANANDAMPET S.O 520003
Satyanarayanapuram Vijayawada SATYANARAYANAPURAM S.O (VIJAYAWADA) 520011
Suryaraopet SURYARAOPET S.O 520002
Tadepalli KAMAKOTINAGAR S.O 520012
Vasanthanagar-520 007 AUTONAGAR S.O 520007
Venkateswarapuram VENKATESWARAPURAM S.O 520010
Vijayawada VIJAYAWADA H.O 520001
Vj Polytechnic VJ POLYTECHNIC S.O 520008
Vja Railway Junction VJA RAILWAY JUNCTION S.O 520001
Vja Rly Divl Office VJA RLY DIVL OFFICE S.O 520001
Wambay colony AZITNAGAR S.O 520015
Wnchipet WNCHIPET S.O 520001
Yenamalakuduru-520 007 AUTONAGAR S.O 520007

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