List of All Localities/Villages in UTKOOR

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Aminpur AMDIPUR B.O 509210
Ausulonipally JATRAM KALAN B.O 509205
Bapur UTKUR S.O 509311
Bapuram NIDGURTHY B.O 509205
Bijwar BIJWAR B.O 509205
Chinnaporla CHINNAPORLA B.O 509311
Dantanpalle UTKUR S.O 509311
Edavalli EDAVALLY B.O 509311
Garanhalli UTKUR S.O 509311
Jeeramhalli UTKUR S.O 509311
Kollur KOLLUR B.O 509311
Kothapally BIJWAR B.O 509205
Laxmipalle NIDGURTHY B.O 509205
Lingamaipally NIDGURTHY B.O 509205
Mallepalle MALLEPALLI B.O 509311
Mogdumpur JATRAM KALAN B.O 509205
Nagireddipalle KOLLUR B.O 509311
Nidugurthi NIDGURTHY B.O 509205
Oblapur PAGDIMARRI B.O 509210
Pagidimarri PAGDIMARRI B.O 509210
Pallekunta UTKUR S.O 509311
Peddajatram JATRAM KALAN B.O 509205
Peddaporla PEDDAPORLA B.O 509311
Pothapalle BIJWAR B.O 509205
Pulmamidi PULIMAMIDI B.O 509353
Samanur AMDIPUR B.O 509210
Samistapur KOLLUR B.O 509311
Thimmareddypally NIDGURTHY B.O 509205
Thipraspalle TIPRASPALLI B.O 509311
Thirumalapur UTKUR S.O 509311
Utkur UTKUR S.O 509311
Vallampalle PAGDIMARRI B.O 509210
Venkatapur UTKUR S.O 509311
Yergatpalle PEDDAPORLA B.O 509311
Zeernahalli PEDDAPORLA B.O 509311

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