List of All Localities/Villages in THALLAREVU

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Bhairavapalem GADIMOGA B.O 533463
Bodduvanilanka SILALANKA B.O 533463
Chinnavalsala GADIMOGA B.O 533463
Chollangi CHOLLANGIPETA B.O 533461
Chollangi Peta CORINGA S.O 533461
Chollangi Peta CHOLLANGIPETA B.O 533461
G. Vemavaram GUTHENADEEVI B.O 533464
G.Moolapalem G.MOOLAPALEM B.O 533464
Gadimoga TALLAREVU S.O 533463
Gadimoga GADIMOGA B.O 533463
Gandinagar KESAVAPURAM B.O 533463
Georgepeta GEORGEPETA B.O 533464
Gidla vari peta P.MALLAVARAM B.O 533463
Grantu PATHIGONDI B.O 533463
Injaram INJARAM B.O 533464
jaibheme peta P.MALLAVARAM B.O 533463
Jakkalavari peta P.MALLAVARAM B.O 533463
Kesavapuram TALLAREVU S.O 533463
Kesavapuram KESAVAPURAM B.O 533463
Koringa CORINGA S.O 533461
Kothuru (Hemlet) PATAVALA B.O 533461
Latchipalem UPPANGALA B.O 533464
Nammannapalem PATAVALA B.O 533461
Neelapalle NEELAPALLI B.O 533464
Ontithadi SILALANKA B.O 533463
P. Mallavaram PATHIGONDI B.O 533463
P. Mallavaram P.MALLAVARAM B.O 533463
P. Mallavaram TALLAREVU S.O 533463
Patavala CORINGA S.O 533461
Patavala PATAVALA B.O 533461
Pathigondi TALLAREVU S.O 533463
Peddavalasala GADIMOGA B.O 533463
Pillanka PILLANKA B.O 533464
Polekurru P.MALLAVARAM B.O 533463
Rachavari Peta KESAVAPURAM B.O 533463
santanamula PATAVALA B.O 533461
Savitri nagar GADIMOGA B.O 533463
Seelalanka SILALANKA B.O 533463
Seelalanka TALLAREVU S.O 533463
Sunkarapalem KAPULAPALEM B.O 533464
sunkatarevu P.MALLAVARAM B.O 533463
Tallarevu TALLAREVU S.O 533463
Thimmarajupalem GADIMOGA B.O 533463
Uppangala UPPANGALA B.O 533464
Venkata krishan puram G.MOOLAPALEM B.O 533464
Yerra garuvu G.MOOLAPALEM B.O 533464

We have pincode or post office details available for 46 localities of THALLAREVU taluka / tehsil in our database.