List of All Localities/Villages in TAMENGLONG NORTH SUB-DIVISION

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Atangkhullen ATANG KHUNOU B.O 795125
Atangkhunou TAMEI S.O 795125
Atangkhunou ATANG KHUNOU B.O 795125
Chaton I TAMEI S.O 795125
Chaton I CHAITON B.O 795125
Dikiuram TAMEI S.O 795125
Dikiuram KHUMPHUNG B.O 795125
Dullen DULLEN (T/C/D) B.O 795125
Dullen TAMEI S.O 795125
Dunong LENGLONG B.O 795125
Dunong TAMENGLONG S.O 795141
Elleng TAMEI S.O 795125
Elleng ILLONG B.O 795125
Jampi JAMPII (T/C/D) B.O 795125
Kabonram NEW LAMBALA B.O 795125
Kadi TAMEI S.O 795125
Kasanlong KASANLONG B.O 795125
Kawalong KUILONG B.O 795125
Khundong Khunkhaiba KHUNDONG KHUKHAIBA B.O 795146
Konphung LENGLONG B.O 795125
Konphung village KHUMPHUNG B.O 795125
Kuilong-I KUILONG B.O 795125
Kuilong-I TAMEI S.O 795125
Lamlaba NEW LAMBALA B.O 795125
Lamlaba TAMEI S.O 795125
Langmei TAMEI S.O 795125
Langpram LONGPRAM B.O 795141
Lasan ATANG KHUNOU B.O 795125
Lemta LEMTA B.O 795125
Lenglong LENGLONG B.O 795125
Lenglong TAMEI S.O 795125
Makuinong KUILONG B.O 795125
Nallong KUILONG B.O 795125
New Kadi KADI B.O 795125
Nurathen ATANG KHUNOU B.O 795125
Old Kadi KADI B.O 795125
Old Lemta LEMTA B.O 795125
Old Lemta TAMEI S.O 795125
Old Takou TAKOU B.O 795125
Old Thenjang ATANG KHUNOU B.O 795125
Pallong NEW PALLONG B.O 795141
Piulong TAMEI S.O 795125
Taipram NEW PALLONG B.O 795141
Tamah KHUMPHUNG B.O 795125
Tamei TAMEI S.O 795125
Tamei TAMEI S.O 795125
Upper Selsi UPPER SELSI (T/C/D) B.O 795125

We have pincode or post office details available for 47 localities of TAMENGLONG NORTH SUB-DIVISION taluka / tehsil in our database.