List of All Localities/Villages in TADEPALLIGUDEM

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Aphb Colony APHB COLONY S.O 534101
Apparaopeta APPARAOPETA B.O 534145
Arugolanu ARUGOLANU B.O 534146
Arulla PRATTIPADU S.O 534146
Atchannapalem ATCHANNAPALEM B.O 534111
Dandagarra DANDAGARRA B.O 534145
Jagannadhapuram JAGANNADHAPURAM B.O 534145
Jaggannapeta JAGGANNAPETA B.O 534102
Juvvalapalem JUVVALAPALEM B.O 534102
Kadakatla KADAKATLA B.O 534102
Kadiyedda KADIYEDDA B.O 534102
Kommugudem KOMMUGUDEM B.O 534102
Kondruprolu KONDRUPROLU B.O 534102
Krishnayapalem KRISHNAYAMPALEMI B.O 534146
Kunavaram VEERAMPALEM B.O 534102
Kunchanapalle KUNCHINAPALLI B.O 534102
Madhavaram MODUGGUNTA B.O 534145
Marampalli MARAMPALLI B.O 534146
Mounjipadu MOUNJIPADU B.O 534165
Nandamuru NANDAMURU B.O 534146
Nawabpalem NAVABPALEM B.O 534146
Padala PADALA B.O 534102
Pmmarket PMMARKET S.O 534101
Ramannagudem RAMANNAGUDEM B.O 534102
Rc Rao Peta RC RAO PETA B.O 534101
Subbaraopeta SUBBARAOPETA S.O 534101
Sv Peta SV PETA B.O 534101
Tadepalle TADEPALLI B.O 534102
Tadepalligudem TADEPALLIGUDEM H.O 534101
Tadepalligudem Bazar TADEPALLIGUDEM BAZAR S.O 534102
Tadepalligudem Town TADEPALLIGUDEM TOWN S.O 534101
Veerampalem VEERAMPALEM B.O 534102
Venkatramannagudem VENKATRAMANNAGUDEM B.O 534102

We have pincode or post office details available for 34 localities of TADEPALLIGUDEM taluka / tehsil in our database.