List of All Localities/Villages in SURAT CITY

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
A. K. Road A. K. ROAD S.O 395008
Abhva BO SVR COLLEGE S.O 395007
Adajan Dn ADAJAN DN B.O 395009
Althan ALTHAN S.O 395017
Althan ALTHAN S.O 395017
Athwalines ATHWALINES S.O 395001
Bhagal BHAGAL S.O 395003
Bharthana BHARTHANA B.O 395007
Bharthana BO SVR COLLEGE S.O 395007
Bhatar NANPURA H.O 395001
Bhavanivad BHAVANIVAD S.O 395003
Bhimrad SVR COLLEGE S.O 395007
Bombay Market BOMBAY MARKET S.O 395010
Dabholi DABHOLI B.O 395004
Dabholi BO KATARGAM S.O 395004
Fulpada FULPADA B.O 395008
Gaviar BO SVR COLLEGE S.O 395007
Godadara GODADARA B.O 395012
Gopipura GOPIPURA S.O 395001
Gotalawadi GOTALAWADI B.O 395004
Gotalawadi KATARGAM S.O 395004
Govt. Medical College GOVT. MEDICAL COLLEGE S.O 395001
Inderpura INDERPURA S.O 395002
Jahangirabad RANDER S.O 395005
Jahangirpura RANDER S.O 395005
Jhampa JHAMPA S.O 395003
Kapodara VARACHHA ROAD S.O 395006
Karanj VARACHHA ROAD S.O 395006
Katargam KATARGAM S.O 395004
Khajod BO SVR COLLEGE S.O 395007
Khatodara KHATODARA S.O 395002
Limbayat LIMBAYAT 395012
Magdalla BO SVR COLLEGE S.O 395007
Mahidharpura MAHIDHARPURA S.O 395003
Majura NANPURA H.O 395001
Motived MOTIVED B.O 395004
Motived BO KATARGAM S.O 395004
Nana Varachha VARACHHA ROAD S.O 395006
Nanived KATARGAM S.O 395004
Navyug College NAVYUG COLLEGE S.O 395009
Nawabwadi NAWABWADI S.O 395003
Palanpur BO NAVYUG COLLEGE S.O 395009
Palanpur Nd PALANPUR ND B.O 395009
Pandesara PANDESARA S.O 394221
Pandesara PANDESARA S.O 394221
Pisad RANDER S.O 395005
Ramnagar Surat RAMNAGAR S.O (SURAT) 395009
Rustampura Surat RUSTAMPURA S.O (SURAT) 395002
Sagrampura Putli SAGRAMPURA PUTLI S.O 395002
Sarthana SARTHANA S.O 395013
Singanpore SINGANPORE B.O 395004
Singanpore KATARGAM S.O 395004
Surat SURAT H.O 395003
Surat City SURAT CITY S.O 395003
Surat Rs SURAT RS S.O 395003
Surat Textile Market SURAT TEXTILE MARKET S.O 395002
Svr College SVR COLLEGE S.O 395007
Udhna UDHNA S.O 394210
Udhnagam UDHNAGAM S.O 394210
Umra BO SVR COLLEGE S.O 395007
Varachha Road VARACHHA ROAD S.O 395006
Variavi Bhagal VARIAVI BHAGAL S.O 395003
Vasta Devdi Road VASTA DEVDI ROAD S.O 395004
Vesu BO SVR COLLEGE S.O 395007

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