List of All Localities/Villages in SRUNGAVARAPUKOTA

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Alugubilli ALUGUBILLI B.O 535250
Balakrishna -Rajapuram TIMIDI B.O 535145
Chamalapalle DHARMAVARAM S.O 535148
Cheedipalem DHARMAVARAM S.O 535148
Cheedipalem MADHUPADA B.O 535148
Chinakhandepalle MADHUPADA B.O 535148
Chinakhandepalle DHARMAVARAM S.O 535148
Dampuram MALLIPUDI B.O 535145
Daraparthi T B VARA B.O 535145
Dharmavaram DHARMAVARAM S.O 535148
Gopalapalle DHARMAVARAM S.O 535148
Gopalapalle GOPALAPALLI B.O 535148
Gunapadu PEDAKANDEPALLI B.O 535145
Jirayathi Kumaram T B VARA B.O 535145
Jirayathi Mukundapuram PEDAKANDEPALLI B.O 535145
Kapusompuram S KOTA S.O 535145
Kasipathi Rajapuram MALLIPUDI B.O 535145
Kiltampalem T B VARA B.O 535145
Kondamallipudi MALLIPUDI B.O 535145
Kothakota KOTTAM B.O 535148
Kothavooru MALLIPUDI B.O 535145
Kottam KOTTAM B.O 535148
Krishnamahanti Puram PEDAKANDEPALLI B.O 535145
Krishnapuram KRISHNAPURAM B.O 535148
Mallipudi MALLIPUDI B.O 535145
Mamidipalle KRISHNAPURAM B.O 535148
Marupalle T B VARA B.O 535145
Moolaboddavara T B VARA B.O 535145
Mushidipalle KRISHNAPURAM B.O 535148
Pedakhandepalle PEDAKANDEPALLI B.O 535145
Pothanapalle S G PETA B.O 535145
Revallapalem REVALLAPALEM B.O 535160
S Kota S KOTA S.O 535145
S. Kotatalari TALARI B.O 535148
Santagavarampeta S G PETA B.O 535145
seethampeta SEETHAMPETA B.O 535145
seetharamapuram SEETHARAMAPURAM B.O 535160
skotatalari TALARI B.O 535148
Tennuboddavara T B VARA B.O 535145
Thimidi TIMIDI B.O 535145
Tyada TYDA B.O 535145
Usiri PAVADA B.O 535250
Vasi TIMIDI B.O 535145
Veeranarayanam VEERANARAYNAM B.O 535145
Vemulapalle VEMULAPALLI B.O 535148
Vinayakapalle S G PETA B.O 535145
Viswanadhapuram MADHUPADA B.O 535148

We have pincode or post office details available for 48 localities of SRUNGAVARAPUKOTA taluka / tehsil in our database.