List of All Localities/Villages in SRI AVADHUTHA KASINAYANA

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Akkampet AMAGAMPALLI B.O 516193
Akkemgundla AMAGAMPALLI B.O 516193
akulavaripalle VARIKUNTA B.O 516217
Balayapalle GANGANAPALLI B.O 516217
Ganganapalle GANGANAPALLI B.O 516217
Guntuvaripalle GANGANAPALLI B.O 516217
Itigullapadu ITIGULLAPADU B.O 516193
Katheragandla CHENNAVARAM B.O 516193
Moolapalle NARASAPURAM B.O 516217
Narasapuram NARASAPURAM B.O 516217
Narasapuram NARASAPURAM B.O 516217
Nayunipalle VARIKUNTA B.O 516217
Obulapuram PITTIGUNTA B.O 516217
Pagadalapalle SAVISETTIPALLI B.O 516193
Pittigunta PITTIGUNTA B.O 516217
Rampadu CHENNAVARAM B.O 516193
Savisettipalle SAVISETTIPALLI B.O 516193
Uppalur NARASAPURAM B.O 516217
Vankamarri VADDEMANU B.O 516193
Varikunta VARIKUNTA B.O 516217
Vasudevapuram KALAVAKUNTA B.O 516505
Vengalampalle NARASAPURAM B.O 516217

We have pincode or post office details available for 22 localities of SRI AVADHUTHA KASINAYANA taluka / tehsil in our database.