List of All Localities/Villages in SIRPUR (T)

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Adepalle DABBA B.O 504299
Bareguda DABBA B.O 504299
Bengali Colony CHINTAKUNTA B.O 504299
Bhupalapatnam DABBA B.O 504299
Bodhampalli DABBA B.O 504299
Cheelapalle SIRPUR (T) S.O 504299
Chelapalli SIRPUR (T) S.O 504299
Chintakunta CHINTAKUNTA B.O 504299
Chunchupalle CHINTAKUNTA B.O 504299
Dabba DABBA B.O 504299
Dadanagar VEMPALLI B.O 504296
Dharampalli DABBA B.O 504299
Dhorpalle DHORPALLI B.O 504299
Dubbaguda LONAVELLI B.O 504299
Gangaiguda SIRPUR (T) S.O 504299
Garlapet SIRPUR (T) S.O 504299
Gollaguda LONAVELLI B.O 504299
Govindpur DHORPALLI B.O 504299
Heerapur CHINTAKUNTA B.O 504299
Hudkili HUDKULI B.O 504299
Itkalpahad HUDKULI B.O 504299
Jakkapur HUDKULI B.O 504299
Kannepalli DABBA B.O 504299
Kanoharpet LONAVELLI B.O 504299
Karjapally LONAVELLI B.O 504299
Keshavpatnam DABBA B.O 504299
Kolamguda VEMPALLI B.O 504296
Komuguda DHORPALLI B.O 504299
Kotha Colony DHORPALLI B.O 504299
Laxmipur BHIMINI B.O 504273
Loanvelly LONAVELLI B.O 504299
Makidi HUDKULI B.O 504299
Manewada DHORPALLI B.O 504299
Manneguda VEMPALLI B.O 504296
Medpalli SIRPUR (T) S.O 504299
Mithracolony VEMPALLI B.O 504296
Navegaon HUDKULI B.O 504299
Odderaguda VEMPALLI B.O 504296
Ootapally VEMPALLI B.O 504296
Pardhanguda VEMPALLI B.O 504296
Parigaon LONAVELLI B.O 504299
Patatla Guda SIRPUR (T) S.O 504299
Patelguda VEMPALLI B.O 504296
Peddabanda CHINTAKUNTA B.O 504299
Ramnagar VEMPALLI B.O 504296
Ravanapalli SIRPUR (T) S.O 504299
Regulaguda VEMPALLI B.O 504296
Shaik Ahmed Guda SIRPUR (T) S.O 504299
Sirpur SIRPUR (T) S.O 504299
Sirpur T SIRPUR (T) S.O 504299
Sivapur SIRPUR (T) S.O 504299
Solaguda DHORPALLI B.O 504299
Vagumeraguda VEMPALLI B.O 504296
Vempalle VEMPALLI B.O 504296
Venkatraopet HUDKULI B.O 504299

We have pincode or post office details available for 55 localities of SIRPUR (T) taluka / tehsil in our database.