List of All Localities/Villages in SHANKARAMPET (R)

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Agraharam S. KONDAPUR B.O 502117
Agraharam GAVVALAPALLY B.O 502248
Ambajipet GAVVALAPALLY B.O 502248
Bhagirthipally SURARAM B.O 502255
Bhagirthipally SHANKARAMPET B.O 502248
Chandampet CHANDAMPET B.O 502255
Chandapur SHANKARAMPET B.O 502248
Chernapally MADUR B.O 502248
Chervu mandhu Thanda S. KONDAPUR B.O 502117
Dandupally S. KONDAPUR B.O 502117
Dharpalle DARIPALLY B.O 502255
Gajgatlapalle MADUR B.O 502248
Gavalpalle GAVVALAPALLY B.O 502248
Jangrai SURARAM B.O 502255
Kamaram SHANKARAMPET B.O 502248
Kaslapur NARSINGEE S.O 502248
Kayyagundu Lambadi Thanda SURARAM B.O 502255
Khajapur KHAJAPUR B.O 502248
Korampally MADUR B.O 502248
Korivipalle GAVVALAPALLY B.O 502248
Kumarpally KHAJAPUR B.O 502248
Lambadi Thanda SURARAM B.O 502255
Madur MADUR B.O 502248
Mallopally SHANKARAMPET B.O 502248
Mandhapur Thanda S. KONDAPUR B.O 502117
Mirzapalle MIRZAPALLY B.O 502248
Nagulamma Lambadi thanda SURARAM B.O 502255
Narsampally ZAPTHI SHIVNOOR B.O 502248
Narsampally SHANKARAMPET B.O 502248
Patagadda S. KONDAPUR B.O 502117
Pyathagadda thanda S. KONDAPUR B.O 502117
Ramachendra thanda S. KONDAPUR B.O 502117
Ramayapally KHAJAPUR B.O 502248
Ramji Thanda S. KONDAPUR B.O 502117
Rangampally S. KONDAPUR B.O 502117
Rudraram CHANDAMPET B.O 502255
Rudraram SC colony CHANDAMPET B.O 502255
Seripalle MIRZAPALLY B.O 502248
Shakpally ZAPTHI SHIVNOOR B.O 502248
Shalipet MADUR B.O 502248
Shankaraj Kondapur S. KONDAPUR B.O 502117
Shankarampet SHANKARAMPET B.O 502248
Singaipally MADUR B.O 502248
Suraram SURARAM B.O 502255
Turkala Mohammedapur S. KONDAPUR B.O 502117
Venkatraopet MADUR B.O 502248
Yerragunta lambadi Thanda SURARAM B.O 502255
Yerragunta Thanda S. KONDAPUR B.O 502117
Zapthishivnur ZAPTHI SHIVNOOR B.O 502248

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