List of All Localities/Villages in SAWALI

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Akapur Alias Bijapur CHIMDA B.O 441224
Ambora KERODA B.O 441225
Antargaon ANTARGAON B.O 441215
Antargaon Tola ANTARGAON B.O 441215
Asola Mendha PATHARI S.O (CHANDRAPUR) 441215
Barsagad NIFANDRA B.O 441215
Belgaon NIMGAON B.O 441215
Bhanapur PATHARI S.O (CHANDRAPUR) 441215
Bharpayali BOTHALI B.O 441225
Bhatti Jamb KAPSI B.O 441225
Bhatti Jamb KERODA B.O 441225
Bormala BORMALA B.O 441215
Bothali BOTHALI B.O 441225
Chak NIMGAON B.O 441215
Chak Mankapur PENDHARI MAKTHA B.O 441225
Chak Pethgaon KERODA B.O 441225
Chak Piranji BOTHALI B.O 441225
Chak Rajoli No.2 BOTHALI B.O 441225
Chak Virkhal Tola RAJOLI S.O (CHANDRAPUR) 441212
Chandli Bk. RAJGAD B.O 441225
Chargaon SAOLI S.O 441225
Chichbodi MOKHALA B.O 441225
Chikhali NIFANDRA B.O 441215
Chorkhal SAOLI S.O 441225
Dabgaon NIMGAON B.O 441215
Dabgaon DABGAON MAKTHA B.O 442918
Donala Chak. HARAMBA B.O 441225
Dongargaon Maske BORMALA B.O 441215
Gaidongari MEHA BK B.O 441215
Geora Bk. GEWARA BK B.O 441215
Geora Chak GEWARA BK B.O 441215
Geora Kh. GEWARA BK B.O 441215
Ghodewahi KERODA B.O 441225
Haramba HARAMBA B.O 441225
haranghat Camp KAWATHI B.O 441225
Heti LONDHOLI B.O 441225
Hirapur BOTHALI B.O 441225
Jam Keroda Ryt. KERODA B.O 441225
Jamb Bk. JIBGAON B.O 441225
Jamb Bk. KERODA B.O 441225
Jankapur PALEBARSA B.O 441215
Jankapur T. PALEBARSA B.O 441215
Jibgaon JIBGAON B.O 441225
Kadholi HARAMBA B.O 441225
Kajalwahi Chak. HARAMBA B.O 441225
Kapsi KAPSI B.O 441225
Kargaon Chak PATHARI S.O (CHANDRAPUR) 441215
Kasargaon VIHIRGAON B.O 441215
Kawathi KAWATHI B.O 441225
Keroda KERODA B.O 441225
Kesarwahi VYHAD KHURD B.O 441225
Kesarwahi BOTHALI B.O 441225
Khanabad Chak NAVEGAON LONKHAIRI B.O 441212
Khedi CHIMDA B.O 441224
Khedi SAOLI S.O 441225
Kisannagar VYHAD KHURD B.O 441225
Kondekhal KERODA B.O 441225
Kondekhal Alias Ghodewahi JIBGAON B.O 441225
Kukud Chimadha CHIMDA B.O 441224
Londholi LONDHOLI B.O 441225
Malpipri BOTHALI B.O 441225
Mangar Medha PALEBARSA B.O 441215
Margaon CHIMDA B.O 441224
Mategaon PENDHARI MAKTHA B.O 441225
Maushi NIMGAON B.O 441215
Meha Bk. MEHA BK B.O 441215
Meha Kh. PALEBARSA B.O 441215
Meha Kh. MEHA BK B.O 441215
Mokhala MOKHALA B.O 441225
Mundala PENDHARI MAKTHA B.O 441225
Navegaon Tukum PATHARI S.O (CHANDRAPUR) 441215
Navegaon Tukum PENDHARI MAKTHA B.O 441225
Nifandra NIFANDRA B.O 441215
Nilsani Pethgaon NILSANI PEDGAON B.O 441225
Nimgaon NIMGAON B.O 441215
Palebarsa PALEBARSA B.O 441215
Pandharsarad BOTHALI B.O 441225
Pardi KAWATHI B.O 441225
Pendhari PENDHARI MAKTHA B.O 441225
Pendhari Chak PENDHARI MAKTHA B.O 441225
Pendhari Chak PENDHARI B.O 442606
Pendhari Chak PENDHARI B.O 442904
Pendhari Sarad PENDHARI MAKTHA B.O 441225
Pendhari Sarad Chak PENDHARI MAKTHA B.O 441225
Pethgaon JIBGAON B.O 441225
Pethgaon Ryt. PEDGAON B.O 441212
Piranjimal SAOLI S.O 441225
Raitwari KERODA B.O 441225
Rajoli Chak RAJOLI S.O (CHANDRAPUR) 441212
Rajoli Chak PATHARI S.O (CHANDRAPUR) 441215
Ramnagar NIFANDRA B.O 441215
Rudrapur KAWATHI B.O 441225
Sadagad BOTHALI B.O 441225
Saikheda PALEBARSA B.O 441215
Saimara Chak TAMBEGADIMENDHA B.O 441215
Saimara Chak PENDHARI MAKTHA B.O 441225
Saimara Tuk PENDHARI MAKTHA B.O 441225
Sakhari LONDHOLI B.O 441225
Sakhari Chak. LONDHOLI B.O 441225
Samada Bk. SAMDA BUZRUK B.O 441225
Saoli SAOLI S.O 441225
Sawali Tukum SAOLI S.O 441225
Sawangi Dixit PALEBARSA B.O 441215
Sawatla NILSANI PEDGAON B.O 441225
Selaja GUNJEWAHI B.O 441215
Sindola JIBGAON B.O 441225
Singapur KAWATHI B.O 441225
Sirsi Raiyyatwari LONDHOLI B.O 441225
Sirsimal LONDHOLI B.O 441225
Sonapur KAPSI B.O 441225
Thergaon NIMGAON B.O 441215
Umri HARAMBA B.O 441225
Usarpar Chak PALEBARSA B.O 441215
Usarpar Tukum PALEBARSA B.O 441215
Usegaon JIBGAON B.O 441225
Vichora BOTHALI B.O 441225
Vihirgaon VIHIRGAON B.O 441215
Vijaypur Tali KAPSI B.O 441225
Virkhal NIMGAON B.O 441215
Vyahad Bk. VYAHAD BK B.O 441225
Vyahad Chak No.1 VYHAD KHURD B.O 441225
Vyahad VYAHAD BK B.O 441225
Vyahad Kh. VYHAD KHURD B.O 441225
Wadholi Chak. NILSANI PEDGAON B.O 441225
Wadholi Gandli NILSANI PEDGAON B.O 441225
Wagholi SAMDA BUZRUK B.O 441225

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