List of All Localities/Villages in SAMALKOTA

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Bendapudi BO ANNAVARAM S.O 533406
Boyanapudi V K RAYAPURAM B.O 533434
Boyinpudi (Hemlet) VETLAPALEM S.O 533434
Brahmanapuram (Hamlet) UNDURU B.O 533434
Brahmmapuram(Hamlet) VETLAPALEM S.O 533434
G. Medapadu MEDAPADU B.O 533434
G.Medapadu BO VETLAPALEM S.O 533434
Hussenpuram BO HUSSAIN PURAM B.O 533434
Hussenpuram BO VETLAPALEM S.O 533434
Kapavaram UNDURU B.O 533434
Kapavaram(Hamlet) VETLAPALEM S.O 533434
Koduru BO ANNAVARAM S.O 533406
Koppavaram PANASAPADU B.O 533005
Kothuru (Hemlet) VETLAPALEM S.O 533434
Kothuru (Hemlet) MEDAPADU B.O 533434
Madhavapatnam MADHAVAPATNAM B.O 533005
Mamilladoddi V K RAYAPURAM B.O 533434
Mamivedoddi (Hamlet) VETLAPALEM S.O 533434
mandapam BO ANNAVARAM S.O 533406
Navara PITHAPURAM S.O 533450
Navara NAVARA B.O 533450
P. Vemavaram P VEMAVARAM B.O 533434
P.Vemavaram BO VETLAPALEM S.O 533434
Panasapadu PANASAPADU B.O 533005
Pandravada PAVARA B.O 533450
Pavara PITHAPURAM S.O 533450
Pavara PAVARA B.O 533450
Pedabrahmadevam PEDABRAHMADEVAM B.O 533434
Pedabrahmadevem BO VETLAPALEM S.O 533434
Samalkot SAMALKOT H.O 533440
Samalkot Agricultural Form SAMALKOT AGRICULTURAL FORM B.O 533440
Samalkot Pen Lines SAMALKOT PEN LINES S.O 533440
Samalkot R S SAMALKOT R S S.O 533440
Satyanarayanapuram SATYANARAYANAPURAM B.O 533440
Satyavarapupeta (Hamlet) VETLAPALEM S.O 533434
T.Timmapuram BO ANNAVARAM S.O 533406
Tetagunta BO ANNAVARAM S.O 533406
Unduru UNDURU B.O 533434
Venkata Krishna raya puram BO VETLAPALEM S.O 533434
Venkata Krishnarayapuram V K RAYAPURAM B.O 533434
Vetlapalem VETLAPALEM S.O 533434
Vundur BO VETLAPALEM S.O 533434

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