List of All Localities/Villages in SABBAVARAM

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Ajanagiri GOLLALAPALEM B.O 531035
Ammulapalem AMMULAPALEM B.O 531002
Amrutapuram AMRUTHPURAM. B.O 531035
Antakapalle ANTHAKAPALLE B.O 531035
Aripaka ARIPAKA B.O 531035
Asakapalle ASAKAPALLE B.O 531035
Ayyannapalem BODUVALASA B.O 531035
Bangarammapalem BANGARAMMAPALEM B.O 531035
Batajangalapalem KODURU B.O 531002
Boduvalasa BODUVALASA B.O 531035
Chintagatla Agraharam CHINTAGATLA B.O 531035
Dongalamarri Sitarampuram SUBBAVARAM S.O 531035
Elluppi BODUVALASA B.O 531035
Gali Bhimavaram SUBBAVARAM S.O 531035
Gangavaram KODURU B.O 531002
Gollalapalem GOLLALAPALEM B.O 531035
Gotivada SUBBAVARAM S.O 531035
Gullipalle GULLEPALLI B.O 531035
Iruvada SUBBAVARAM S.O 531035
Lagisettipalem ARIPAKA B.O 531035
mallunaidupalem MALLUNAIDUPALEM B.O 531035
Mogalipuram MALLUNAIDUPALEM B.O 531035
Nallaregulapalem AMMULAPALEM B.O 531002
Nanginarapadu GOLLALAPALEM B.O 531035
Narapadu GOLLALAPALEM B.O 531035
Pydivada ASAKAPALLE B.O 531035
Pydivada Agraharam GOLLALAPALEM B.O 531035
Rayapuram Agraharam BANGARAMMAPALEM B.O 531035
Sabbavaram Agraharam SUBBAVARAM S.O 531035
Sirasapalleadduru BANGARAMMAPALEM B.O 531035
Subbavaram SUBBAVARAM S.O 531035
Tekkalipalem TEKKALIPALEM B.O 531035
Vangali TEKKALIPALEM B.O 531035
Vippakaagraharam GOLLALAPALEM B.O 531035
Yerukunaidupalem ATCHUTAPURAM S.O 531011

We have pincode or post office details available for 35 localities of SABBAVARAM taluka / tehsil in our database.