List of All Localities/Villages in RAMBILLI

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Anandapuram RAMBILLI B.O 531061
Apparayudupalem DHARAPALEM B.O 531061
Bogapuram DHARAPALEM B.O 531061
Chatametta LALAMKODURU B.O 531011
Chebrolu Veerappa Konda RAMBILLI B.O 531061
Dharapalem DHARAPALEM B.O 531061
Dimili DIMILI S.O 531061
Gorapudi GORAPUDI B.O 531061
govindapalem GOVINDAPALEM B.O 531061
Gurjapalem GURAJAPALEM B.O 531011
Haripuram HARIPURAM B.O 531061
Kalavalapalle KALAVALAPALLE B.O 531061
Kallapalli kompalu DIMILI S.O 531061
Kattabolu DIMILI S.O 531061
Kothuru KOTHURU B.O 531061
Krishnampalem RAJA KODURU B.O 531061
Kumarapalle MURAKADA B.O 531061
Lalam Koduru LALAMKODURU B.O 531011
Mamidivada KOTHURU B.O 531061
Manyapuchintuva GOVINDAPALEM B.O 531061
Marripalem MURAKADA B.O 531061
Moturupalem GURAJAPALEM B.O 531011
Mula Kothuru GOKIVADA B.O 531061
Mulajampa GOKIVADA B.O 531061
Murakada MURAKADA B.O 531061
Nakkapalem GURAJAPALEM B.O 531011
Panchadarla DHARAPALEM B.O 531061
Pudi PUDIMADAKA B.O 531011
Rajakoduru RAJA KODURU B.O 531061
Rajala MURAKADA B.O 531061
Rajala Agraharam GOVINDAPALEM B.O 531061
Rambilli RAMBILLI B.O 531061
Sitapalem LALAMKODURU B.O 531011
Velchuru RAJA KODURU B.O 531061
Vijayarampuram Agraharam RAJA KODURU B.O 531061
Zirayati Chintuva GORAPUDI B.O 531061

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