List of All Localities/Villages in RAMACHANDRAPURAM

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Ambikapalle Agraharam NARASAPURAPUPETA B.O 533256
Bheemakrosupalem HASANBADA B.O 533262
Chodavaram CHODAVARAM B.O 533256
Draksharama DRAKSHARAMAM S.O 533262
G Savaram MUCHIMILLI B.O 533256
Hasanbada HASANBADA B.O 533262
Jagannaikulapalem JAGANNAIYAKULAPALEM B.O 533262
Kandulapalem HASANBADA B.O 533262
Kapavaram KAPAVARAM B.O 533262
Mamidigunta NELAPARTHIPADU B.O 533262
Mattacheruvu NELAPARTHIPADU B.O 533262
Muchimilli MUCHIMILLI B.O 533256
Narasapurapupeta NARASAPURAPUPETA B.O 533256
Nelaprathipadu NELAPARTHIPADU B.O 533262
Peketipakalu PEKETIPAKALU B.O 533340
Ramachandrapuram RAMACHANDRAPURAM H.O 533255
Ramachandrapuram Old Town RAMACHANDRAPURAM OLD TOWN S.O 533256
Tadipalle YANAMADALA B.O 533260
Tallapolam TALLAPOLAM B.O 533256
Thotapeta DRAKSHARAMAM S.O 533262
Unduru HASANBADA B.O 533262
Utrumilli TALLAPOLAM B.O 533256
Vedurupakasavaram VEDURUPAKASAVARAM B.O 533346
Vegayammapeta VEGAYAMPETA B.O 533262
Velampalem VELAMPALEM S.O 533262
Vella VELLA B.O 533256
Venkatayapalem VENKATAYAPALEM B.O 533262
Yanamadala YANAMADALA B.O 533260
Yerupalle TALLAPOLAM B.O 533256

We have pincode or post office details available for 30 localities of RAMACHANDRAPURAM taluka / tehsil in our database.