List of All Localities/Villages in PITHAPURAM

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
B. Kothuru B KOTHURU B.O 533431
B. Kothuru KIRLAMPUDI S.O 533431
B.Prathipadu BHOGAPURAM B.O 533445
Bhogapuram BHOGAPURAM B.O 533445
Bhogapuram GOLLAPROLU S.O 533445
Chitrada CHITRADA B.O 533450
Chitrada PITHAPURAM S.O 533450
Fakruddinpalem F K PALEM B.O 533450
Fakruddinpalem PITHAPURAM S.O 533450
Gokivada PITHAPURAM S.O 533450
Gokivada GOKIVADA B.O 533450
Jagapathirajapuram GOKIVADA B.O 533450
Jalluru JALLURU B.O 533433
Jamulapalle GOKIVADA B.O 533450
Kandarada F K PALEM B.O 533450
Kolanka KOLANKA B.O 533450
Kothapeperumallapuram KOTHAPERUMALLAPURAM B.O 533449
Kothapeta Ptp KOTHAPETA (PTP) S.O 533450
Kumarapuram PITHAPURAM S.O 533450
Kumarapuram F K PALEM B.O 533450
Lakshminarasapuram PITHAPURAM S.O 533450
Lakshminarasapuram LAKSHMINARASAPURAM B.O 533450
Madhavapuram ISUKAPALLI B.O 533450
Mangiturthi VIRAVA B.O 533450
Navakandravada KONDEVARAM B.O 533450
P.Thimmapuram RAYAVARAM B.O 533445
Pithapuram PITHAPURAM S.O 533450
Pithapuram Town PITHAPURAM TOWN S.O 533450
Pro. Donthamuru P.DONTHAMURU B.O 533445
Pro. Donthamuru GOLLAPROLU S.O 533445
Pro. Rayavaram RAYAVARAM B.O 533445
Raparthi RAPARTHI B.O 533445
Raparthi GOLLAPROLU S.O 533445
Rayavaram GOLLAPROLU S.O 533445
Veeraraghavapuram RAMANAKKAPETA B.O 533447
Veldurthi P.DONTHAMURU B.O 533445
Virava PITHAPURAM S.O 533450
Virava VIRAVA B.O 533450
Viravada PITHAPURAM S.O 533450
Viravada VIRAVADA B.O 533450

We have pincode or post office details available for 42 localities of PITHAPURAM taluka / tehsil in our database.