List of All Localities/Villages in PHUNGYAR PHAISAT SUB-DIVISION

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Alang PHUNGYAR B.O 795145
Chadong(T) CHADONG B.O 795145
Chadong(T) LITAN S.O 795145
Chungkai PHUNGYAR B.O 795145
H. Goda PHUNGYAR B.O 795145
Khambi PHUNGYAR B.O 795145
Khongjal PHUNGYAR B.O 795145
Koso LEITING B.O 795145
Lamlai Khullen LAMLAI B.O 795010
Lamlai Khunou LAMLAI B.O 795010
Leishi LEITING B.O 795145
Leiting LEITING B.O 795145
Leiting LITAN S.O 795145
Louphong CHADONG B.O 795145
Loushing PHUNGYAR B.O 795145
Loushing Khunthak LITAN S.O 795145
Loushing Khunthak PHUNGYAR B.O 795145
Lungphu LUNGPHU B.O 795145
Lungphu LITAN S.O 795145
Marou LUNGPHU B.O 795145
Meiring PHUNGYAR B.O 795145
Ngaprum SORDE B.O 795145
Nongman SORDE B.O 795145
Patbung SORDE B.O 795145
Phalang LEITING B.O 795145
Phungyar LITAN S.O 795145
Phungyar PHUNGYAR B.O 795145
Phungyar PHUNGYAR B.O 795145
Punge SORDE B.O 795145
Riha(T) THAWAI B.O 795145
Shakok LEITING B.O 795145
Shingkap LUNGPHU B.O 795145
Shingta LUNGPHU B.O 795145
Sikibung THAWAI B.O 795145
Sorathen SORANG PHUNG B.O 795142
Sorbung SORANG PHUNG B.O 795142
Sorde SORDE B.O 795145
Sorde LITAN S.O 795145
T. Hundung Khullen TANGKHUL HUNGDUNG B.O 795010
T. Hundung Khunou TANGKHUL HUNGDUNG B.O 795010
Thawai(T) LITAN S.O 795145
Thawai(T) THAWAI B.O 795145
Tusom TUSHEM B.O 795142

We have pincode or post office details available for 43 localities of PHUNGYAR PHAISAT SUB-DIVISION taluka / tehsil in our database.