List of All Localities/Villages in PARKAL

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Cherlapalle CHERLAPALLI B.O 506391
Choutparthi CHOWTAPARTHY B.O 506391
Dharmaram NADIKUDA S.O 506391
Kamareddipalle PARKAL H.O 506164
Kamareddipalle KAMAREDDIPALLI B.O 506319
Kantathmakur KANTATMAKUR B.O 506391
Kowkonda KOWKONDA B.O 506391
Laxmipuram RANGAPUR B.O 506366
Madharam PARKAL H.O 506164
Mallakpet NARSAKKAPALLI B.O 506391
Mustyalpalle CHOWTAPARTHY B.O 506391
Nadikuda NADIKUDA S.O 506391
Nagaram NAGARAM B.O 506391
Narlapur NARLAPUR B.O 506391
Narsakkapalli NARSAKKAPALLI B.O 506391
Paidipalle NAGARAM B.O 506391
Parkal PARKAL H.O 506164
Puligilla PULIGILLA B.O 506391
Puligilla PARKAL H.O 506164
Raiparthy RAIPARTHY B.O 506391
Raiparthy PARKAL H.O 506164
Rajipet PARKAL H.O 506164
Rangapur RANGAPUR B.O 506366
Sarvapur KOWKONDA B.O 506391
Varikole VARIKOL B.O 506391
Vellampalle VELLAMPALLI B.O 506391
Vellampalle PARKAL H.O 506164
Venkatapur PARKAL H.O 506164
Venkatapur VENKATAPUR B.O 506366

We have pincode or post office details available for 29 localities of PARKAL taluka / tehsil in our database.