List of All Localities/Villages in PAOMATA SUB-DIVISION

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Chingmei Khullen TADUBI S.O 795104
Chingmei Khunou TADUBI S.O 795104
Katafiimai LAII B.O 795104
Khaikho SARANAMEI B.O 795104
Laii TADUBI S.O 795104
Laii Sarafii LAII B.O 795104
Liyai Khullen TADUBI S.O 795104
Liyai Khullen LIYAI B.O 795104
Liyai Khunou TADUBI S.O 795104
Liyai Khunou LIYAL KHUNOU B.O 795104
Liyai Khunuo LIYAL KHUNOU B.O 795104
Maiba MARAM S.O 795015
New Laii LAII B.O 795104
Paomata PAOMATA CENTRE B.O 795104
Paomata Centre PAOMATA CENTRE B.O 795104
Paomata Centre PAOMATA CENTRE B.O 795104
Paomata Centre TADUBI S.O 795104
Phaibung Khullen PHAIBUNG KHULLEN B.O 795104
Phuba Khuman MARAM S.O 795015
Phuba Khuman PHUBA B.O 795015
Phuba Thapham MARAM S.O 795015
Phuba Thapham PHUBA B.O 795015
Rakhutao PAOMATA CENTRE B.O 795104
Saranamai TADUBI S.O 795104
Saranamai SARANAMEI B.O 795104
Siraffi SIRAFFI B.O 795104
Tungam Afii PAOMATA CENTRE B.O 795104
Tungam Khullen PAOMATA CENTRE B.O 795104
Tungam Makhufii PAOMATA CENTRE B.O 795104
Tungjoy TADUBI S.O 795104
Tungjoy TUNGJOY B.O 795104
Tungjoy Rikhubumai TUNGJOY B.O 795104

We have pincode or post office details available for 32 localities of PAOMATA SUB-DIVISION taluka / tehsil in our database.