List of All Localities/Villages in ONGOLE

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Addanki Gate ADDANKI GATE S.O 523001
Chejerla PANAKALAPALEM B.O 523182
Cheruvu Kommu Palem PELLUR B.O 523272
Dasarajupalli DASARAJUPALLI B.O 523182
Dcp O DCP(O) S.O 523001
Devaram Padu DEVARAMPADU B.O 523182
Gopala Nagar O GOPALA NAGAR (O) S.O 523001
Gudimella Padu MUKTHINUTHALAPADU B.O 523262
Karavadi KARAVADI S.O 523182
Koppolu (Rural) KOPPOLE B.O 523286
Kothamamidipalem (Rural) PELLUR B.O 523272
Kurnool Road O KURNOOL ROAD (O) S.O 523002
Lawyer Pet O LAWYER PET (O) S.O 523002
M.m.donka O M.M.DONKA (O) S.O 523002
Malleshwarapuram PELLUR B.O 523272
Manduvavaripalem MANDUVAVARIPALEM B.O 523262
Mangaladri Puram YERAZERLA B.O 523272
Mukthinutala Padu (Rural) MUKTHINUTHALAPADU B.O 523262
N.s.c Colony O N.S.C COLONY (O) S.O 523001
Narasa Puram PELLUR B.O 523272
Ongole ONGOLE H.O 523001
Ongole Bazar ONGOLE BAZAR S.O 523001
Panakalapalem PANAKALAPALEM B.O 523182
Pelluru (Rural) PELLUR B.O 523272
Prakasam Bhavan PRAKASAM BHAVAN S.O 523001
Ramnagar O RAMNAGAR(O) S.O 523001
Santhapeta O SANTHAPETA (O) S.O 523001
Sarvereddy Palem SAVIREDDI PALEM B.O 523272
Seetharamapuram O SEETHARAMAPURAM (O) S.O 523001
Throvagunta THROVAGUNTA S.O 523262
Thurupupalem THURUPUPALEM S.O 523001
Ulichi ULICHI B.O 523182
Vengamukka Palem VENGAMUKKA PALEM B.O 523272
Yerajerla YERAZERLA B.O 523272

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