List of All Localities/Villages in NORTH THINGDAWL

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Bilkhawthlir BILKHAWTHLIR S.O 796091
Buhchangphai BUHCHANG B.O 796091
Builum BUILUM B.O 796081
Bukpui BUKPUI B.O 796070
Bukvannei SAIHAPUI 'K' B.O 796081
Chemphai BILKHAWTHLIR S.O 796091
Chite ARMED VENG B.O 796007
Diakkawn DIAKKAWN S.O 796082
Dilzau H HORTOKI B.O 796070
Dilzau T HORTOKI B.O 796070
Dumkhel KOLASIB S.O 796081
Hmaibialaveng KOLASIB S.O 796081
Hortoki HORTOKI B.O 796070
Kawnpui KAWNPUI S.O 796070
Khuangpuilam KOLASIB S.O 796081
Kolasib KOLASIB S.O 796081
Kolasib Veng KOLASIB S.O 796081
Meidum KOLASIB S.O 796081
N.Chaltlang N.CHALTLANG B.O 796070
N.Chhimluang BILKHAWTHLIR S.O 796091
N.Hlimen N.HLIMEN B.O 796070
N.Mualvum MUALVUM B.O 796070
N.Thingdawl DIAKKAWN B.O 796081
N.Thingdawl VENGTHAR B.O 796081
N.Thingdawl BUALPUI B.O 796070
Pangbalkawn KOLASIB S.O 796081
Pangbalkawn BAIRABI B.O 796081
Phaipheng BILKHAWTHLIR S.O 796091
Phaisen PHAISEN B.O 796091
Rengtekawn KOLASIB S.O 796081
Saihapui K SAIHAPUI 'K' B.O 796081
Saihapui V SAIHAPUI 'K' B.O 796081
Sethawn BUALPUI B.O 796070
Thingdawl DIAKKAWN S.O 796082
Thingthelh THINGTHELH B.O 796070
Vairengte VAIRENGTE S.O 796101
Vakultui KOLASIB S.O 796081
Vengthar DIAKKAWN S.O 796082

We have pincode or post office details available for 38 localities of NORTH THINGDAWL taluka / tehsil in our database.