List of All Localities/Villages in NELLIMARLA

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Alugolu ALUGOLU B.O 535218
Appayyapalem KOTHAPETA B.O 535218
Atmaramuni Agraharam A T AGRAHARAM B.O 535218
Boppadam BOPPADAM B.O 535218
Buradapeta BURADAPETA B.O 535280
Chandrammapeta TUMMALAPETA B.O 535217
D. Nelivada RAMATHIRTAM S.O 535218
Dannanapeta A T AGRAHARAM B.O 535218
Deepalapeta KOTHAPETA B.O 535218
Garikapeta KONDAGUMPAM B.O 535280
Gorlapeta GUSHINI B.O 535218
gorlepeta KOTHAPETA B.O 535218
Gushini GUSHINI B.O 535218
Jarajapupeta JARAJAPUPETA B.O 535217
jogirajupeta ALUGOLU B.O 535218
Kondagumpam KONDAGUMPAM B.O 535280
Kondavelagada KONDAVELAGADA B.O 535217
Koradapeta A T AGRAHARAM B.O 535218
kothapeta BO KOTHAPETA B.O 535218
kothavuru M J R PETA B.O 535218
kothavuru ALUGOLU B.O 535218
Lakshmidevipeta JARAJAPUPETA B.O 535217
Lakshminarasimha Puram TATIPUDI B.O 535218
Madhupada M J R PETA B.O 535218
Malyada MALAYADA B.O 535218
Moidavijayaram Puram MOIDA S.O 535280
Nandigama Altipalem SATIVADA B.O 535218
Neelamrajupeta SARIPALLI B.O 535218
Nellimarla NELLIMARLA S.O 535217
pallipeta ALUGOLU B.O 535218
pallipeta M J R PETA B.O 535218
Parasam PARASAM B.O 535280
Pedatharimi BOPPADAM B.O 535218
Pinatharimi BOPPADAM B.O 535218
Puthikapeta MOIDA S.O 535280
Ramathirtham RAMATHIRTAM S.O 535218
Saripalle SARIPALLI B.O 535218
Sathivada SATIVADA B.O 535218
Seetharamunipeta RAMATHIRTAM S.O 535218
suvvanipalem KOTHAPETA B.O 535218
Tekkali TEKKALI B.O 535003
Thammapuram SATIVADA B.O 535218
Thangudubilli TANGUDUBILLI B.O 535218
Tommlapeta KOTHAPETA B.O 535218
Tummalapeta TUMMALAPETA B.O 535217
Valluru VALLURU B.O 535218
Vommi SATIVADA B.O 535218

We have pincode or post office details available for 48 localities of NELLIMARLA taluka / tehsil in our database.