List of All Localities/Villages in NELAKONDAPALLE

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Acharlagudem ACHARLAGUDEM B.O 507160
Ammagudem AMMAGUDEM B.O 507160
Anasagaram ANASAGARAM B.O 507160
Aregudem AREGUDEM B.O 507160
Bhiravunipalle BHAIRAVUNIPALLI B.O 507160
Bodulabanda BODULABANDA B.O 507160
Buddharam BUDDARAM B.O 507169
Chandapuram ANASAGARAM B.O 507160
Chennaram CHENNARAM B.O 507160
Cheruvu Madharam CHERUVUMADHARAM S.O 507169
Guvvalagudem GUVVALAGUDEM` B.O 507158
Kattakommu Thanda RAJESWARAPURAM B.O 507160
Kattu Kacharam KATTUKACHARAM B.O 507169
Konaigudem KORATLAGUDEM B.O 507160
Kongara KONGARA B.O 507169
Koratlagudem KORATLAGUDEM B.O 507160
Mandrajupalle MANDRAJUPALLI B.O 507160
Muggigudem MUJJUGUDEM B.O 507160
Nachepalle NACHEPALLI B.O 507160
Nelakondapalli NELAKONDAPALLI S.O 507160
NK Palli AMMAGUDEM B.O 507160
Painampalle PYNAMPALLI B.O 507160
Rajeswarapuram RAJESWARAPURAM B.O 507160
Ramachandrapuram RAMACHANDRAPURAM B.O 507160
Rayagudem RAYAGUDEM B.O 507169
Rayagudem. RAYAGUDEM B.O 507169
Singareddipalem SINGAREDDIPALEM B.O 507160
Singareddipalem. KORATLAGUDEM B.O 507160
Surdepalle SURDEPALLI B.O 507160
Thirumalapuram TIRUMALAPURAM B.O 507160

We have pincode or post office details available for 30 localities of NELAKONDAPALLE taluka / tehsil in our database.