List of All Localities/Villages in NAVIPET

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Abbapur (B) MADDEPALLI B.O 503245
Abbapur (M) ABHANGAPATNAM B.O 503245
Abhangapatnam ABHANGAPATNAM B.O 503245
Alzapur YAMCHA B.O 503245
Ananthagiri ANANTHAGIRI B.O 503186
Ankampalle NAVIPET S.O 503245
Binola BINOLA B.O 503246
Dharmaram ANANTHAGIRI B.O 503186
Dharyapur NAVIPET S.O 503245
Fathenagar FATHENAGAR B.O 503245
Gandhinagar GANDHINAGAR B.O 503246
Jannipalle JANNEPALLI S.O 503246
Kamalapur KAMALAPUR B.O 503245
Kandepalle MADDEPALLI B.O 503245
Khadirabad BINOLA B.O 503246
Kosli KOSLI B.O 503245
Lingapur BINOLA B.O 503246
Maddepalle MADDEPALLI B.O 503245
Mahantham ABHANGAPATNAM B.O 503245
Mittapur KOSLI B.O 503245
Mokanpalle MOKANPALLI B.O 503245
Nagepur NAGEPUR B.O 503245
Naleshwar NALLESHWAR B.O 503246
Nandigaon YAMCHA B.O 503245
Narayanpur JANNEPALLI S.O 503246
Navipet NAVIPET S.O 503245
Nizampur TUNGINI B.O 503246
Pothangal POTHANGAL B.O 503246
Rampur GOTMUKLA B.O 503246
Shaikhapur BINOLA B.O 503246
Shiranpalle GANDHINAGAR B.O 503246
Tungini TUNGINI B.O 503246
Yamcha YAMCHA B.O 503245

We have pincode or post office details available for 33 localities of NAVIPET taluka / tehsil in our database.