List of All Localities/Villages in NAMBOL SUB-DIVISION

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Bungte chiru BUNGTE CHIRU B.O 795134
Heikrujam HEIKRUJAM B.O 795134
Irengbam IRENGBAM B.O 795134
Irengbam NAMBOL S.O 795134
Iskok ISOK B.O 795134
Iskok NAMBOL S.O 795134
Jiban Nagar JIBAN NAGER B.O 795124
Kabowakching KABOWAKCHING B.O 795134
Kakyai Langpok NAMBOL S.O 795134
Kakyai Langpok LANGPOK B.O 795134
Kamong KAMONG B.O 795134
Keinou NAMBOL S.O 795134
Keinou KEINOU B.O 795134
Leimapokpam LEIMAPOKPAM B.O 795134
Leimapokpam NAMBOL S.O 795134
Leimaram NAMBOL S.O 795134
Leimaram LEIMRAM B.O 795134
Lourembam LOUREMBA B.O 795149
Lourembam YAIRIPOK S.O 795149
Maibam MAIBAM B.O 795134
Nambol NAMBOL S.O 795134
Namoikhul LEIMRAM B.O 795134
Naorem NAOREM B.O 795134
Ngaikhong Khunou NGAIKHONG KHULLEN B.O 795126
Oinam OINAM B.O 795134
Pukhrambam PUKHRAMBAM B.O 795134
Pukhrambam NAMBOL S.O 795134
Sadu Koireng LOKTAK PROJECT S.O 795124
Sadu Koireng LEIMRAM B.O 795134
Thinkai Khullen THINKAI KHULLEN B.O 795134
Thiyam LANGPOK B.O 795134
Tokpalamdam TOKPALAMDAN B.O 795124
Utlou NAMBOL S.O 795134
Utlou UTLOU B.O 795134
Yumnam Khunou KEINOU B.O 795134

We have pincode or post office details available for 35 localities of NAMBOL SUB-DIVISION taluka / tehsil in our database.