List of All Localities/Villages in NAKKAPALLE

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Buchirajupeta CHANDANADA B.O 531081
Chandanada CHANDANADA B.O 531081
Cheedika G J PURAM B.O 531126
Chinadoddigallu CHINADODDIGALLU B.O 531081
Chinarambhadrapuram GODICHERLA B.O 531126
Chittibatla Agraharam VEDULLAPALEM B.O 531081
Chukalavari Lakshmipuram CH LAXMIPURAM B.O 531081
Devavaram NAMAVARAM B.O 531126
Donivanilakshmipuram D L PURAM B.O 531081
Donkada DONKADA B.O 531126
Dosalapadu G J PURAM B.O 531126
G.Jagannadhapuram G J PURAM B.O 531126
Godicherla GODICHERLA B.O 531126
Gullipadu GULLIPADU B.O 531126
Gunupudi GOPALAPATNAM B.O 531127
Kagitha VEDULLAPALEM B.O 531081
Mukundarajupeta GULLIPADU B.O 531126
N.Narasapuram NAKKAPALLE S.O 531081
Nakkapalle NAKKAPALLE S.O 531081
Nallamattipalem CHANDANADA B.O 531081
Nayampudi VEDULLAPALEM B.O 531081
Nellipudi VEMPADU B.O 531081
Pedadoddigallu PEDA DODDIGALLU B.O 531081
Pedateenarla PEDATEENARLA B.O 531081
Rajayyapeta RAJAYYAPETA B.O 531081
Ramanayyapeta GULLIPADU B.O 531126
Rebaka REBAKA B.O 531126
Uddandapuram UDDANDAPURAM B.O 531126
Upmaka Agraharam UPAMAKA AGRAHARAM B.O 531081
vedullapalem VEDULLAPALEM B.O 531081
Vempadu VEMPADU B.O 531081

We have pincode or post office details available for 32 localities of NAKKAPALLE taluka / tehsil in our database.