List of All Localities/Villages in NAGARAM

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Allaparru ALLAPARRU B.O 522262
Bellamvaripalem BELLAMVARIPALEM B.O 522268
bellamvaripalem NAGARAM S.O (GUNTUR) 522268
Chinkapalem CHINKAPALEM B.O 522262
Dhulipudi DHULIPUDI S.O 522258
Edupalle IDUPALLI B.O 522268
Eletipalem YELETIPALEM B.O 522268
idupalli NAGARAM S.O (GUNTUR) 522268
karankivaripalem NAGARAM S.O (GUNTUR) 522268
Karankivaripalem KARANKIVARIPALEM B.O 522268
kolaganivaripalem NAGARAM S.O (GUNTUR) 522268
kolaganivaripalem DHULIPUDI S.O 522258
Mantripalem MANTRIPALEM B.O 522262
muthupalli agraharam NAGARAM S.O (GUNTUR) 522268
Nagaram Guntur NAGARAM S.O (GUNTUR) 522268
Pamidimarru PAMIDIMARRU B.O 522258
Pamidimarru DHULIPUDI S.O 522258
Pedamatlapudi PEDAMATLAPUDI B.O 522314
Pedapalle PEDDAPALLE B.O 522329
Peddavaram PEDDAVARAM B.O 522259
Pudiwada PUDIVADA B.O 522268
Pudiwada NAGARAM S.O (GUNTUR) 522268
pushadapuvaripalem NAGARAM S.O (GUNTUR) 522268
Sajjavaripalem SAJJAVARIPALEM B.O 522265
Siripudi SIRIPUDI B.O 522329
Thotapalle THOTAPALLI B.O 522259
Venigallavaripalem VENIGALLAVARIPALEM B.O 522258
venigallavaripalem DHULIPUDI S.O 522258
yeletipalem NAGARAM S.O (GUNTUR) 522268

We have pincode or post office details available for 30 localities of NAGARAM taluka / tehsil in our database.