List of All Localities/Villages in MUDHOLE

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Ashta ASHTA B.O 504101
Basar BASAR S.O (ADILABAD) 504101
Bidralli BIDRELLI B.O 504101
Boregaon BOREGAON B.O 504101
Brahmangaon BRAHMANGAON B.O 504101
Chinchala YEDBID B.O 504102
Chintakunta YEDBID B.O 504102
Dhodapur BIDRELLI B.O 504101
Edbid YEDBID B.O 504102
Ganora BRAHMANGAON B.O 504101
Kankapur KANKAPUR B.O 504101
Karegaon YEDBID B.O 504102
Kirgul (Buzurg) KIRGUL B.O 504101
Kirgul (Khurd) KIRGUL B.O 504101
Kowtha ASHTA B.O 504101
Mailapur BASAR S.O (ADILABAD) 504101
Mudgal MUDHOLE S.O 504102
Mudhole MUDHOLE S.O 504102
New Mudgal MUDHOLE S.O 504102
Pipri YEDBID B.O 504102
Raju Thanda BRAHMANGAON B.O 504101
Ramtek ELEGAON B.O 504102
Riuvi BRAHMANGAON B.O 504101
Salapur ASHTA B.O 504101
Sawargaon ASHTA B.O 504101
Shetpalle BRAHMANGAON B.O 504101
Surli ASHTA B.O 504101
Takli BIDRELLI B.O 504101
Taroda MUDHOLE S.O 504102
Taroda Tanda MUDHOLE S.O 504102
Vitholi BRAHMANGAON B.O 504101
Vitholi Thanda BRAHMANGAON B.O 504101
Voni ASHTA B.O 504101
Wadthala BOREGAON B.O 504101

We have pincode or post office details available for 35 localities of MUDHOLE taluka / tehsil in our database.