List of All Localities/Villages in MUDDANUR

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Akuthotapalle UPPALURU B.O 516380
Aravetipalle CHINTAKUNTA B.O 516380
Badugayaripalle BONDALAKUNTA B.O 516380
Bondalakunta BONDALAKUNTA B.O 516380
Chennareddipalle MUDDANUR S.O 516380
Chinnadudyala CHINNADUDYAL B.O 516380
Chinnakatharepalle UPPALURU B.O 516380
Chintakunta CHINTAKUNTA B.O 516380
D.Narayanapalle MUDDANUR S.O 516380
Denepalle CHINTAKUNTA B.O 516380
Gangadevipalle KORRAPADU B.O 516444
K.Thimmapuram K KOTHAPALLE B.O 516380
Kadasani Kothapalle K KOTHAPALLE B.O 516380
Kannolupalle VELPUCHERLA B.O 516380
Kibili Raghavapuram KORRAPADU B.O 516444
Kolavali UPPALURU B.O 516380
Konapuram UPPALURU B.O 516380
Kondapuram KORRAPADU B.O 516444
Kosinepalle K KOTHAPALLE B.O 516380
Madannagaripalle UPPALURU B.O 516380
Mangapatnam MANGAPATNAM B.O 516444
Muddanur MUDDANUR S.O 516380
Mummareddipalle MUDDANUR S.O 516380
Nallaballe NALLABALLE B.O 516380
Nossamvaripalle RAJULAGURUVAYAPALLE B.O 516380
Obulapuram KORRAPADU B.O 516444
Palluru VENKAYAKALVA B.O 515465
Peddadudyala CHINNADUDYAL B.O 516380
Penikalapadu PENIKALAPADU B.O 516380
Rajulaguruvaiahpalle RAJULAGURUVAYAPALLE B.O 516380
Sompalle UPPALURU B.O 516380
Sunnapurallapalle K KOTHAPALLE B.O 516380
Uppalur UPPALURU B.O 516380
V.Raghavapuram VELPUCHERLA B.O 516380
Velpucherla VELPUCHERLA B.O 516380
Venkatadripalli VENKAYAKALVA B.O 515465
Venkayakalva VENKAYAKALVA B.O 515465
Yamavaram YAMAVARAM B.O 516380

We have pincode or post office details available for 38 localities of MUDDANUR taluka / tehsil in our database.