List of All Localities/Villages in MOIRANG SUB-DIVISION

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Bonglusi MOIRANG S.O 795133
Borayangbi BOROYANGBI B.O 795133
Chairen SUGNU S.O 795101
Champu Khangpok MOIRANG S.O 795133
Ethai Village ETHAI BAZAR B.O 795133
Haotak Khullen HAOTAK KHULLEN B.O 795126
Haotak Phailen HAOTAKPHAILEN B.O 795133
Ithai ETHAI BAZAR B.O 795133
Ithing THANGA KARANG B.O 795133
Karang THANGA(P) B.O 795133
Kasom Tampak MOIRANG S.O 795133
Kha Thingungei KHATHINUNGGEI B.O 795133
Kha Thingungei MOIRANG S.O 795133
Khoirentak MOIRANG S.O 795133
Khoirentak KHOIRENTAK B.O 795133
Khordak MOIRANG S.O 795133
Khordak KHORDAK ICHIN B.O 795133
Khuosabung KHOUSABUNG B.O 795133
Kumbi MOIRANG S.O 795133
Kumbi KUMBI (P) B.O 795133
Kwakta MOIRANG S.O 795133
Kwakta KWAKTA B.O 795133
Lamdangmei LAMDANGMEI B.O 795126
Moirang MOIRANG S.O 795133
Ngangkha Lawai MOIRANG S.O 795133
Ngangkha Lawai NGANGKHA LAWI B.O 795133
Nongmaikhong KHORDAK ICHIN B.O 795133
Phousabung PHOUSABUNG B.O 795133
Sagang SAGANG B.O 795133
Sagang MOIRANG S.O 795133
Saiton MOIRANG S.O 795133
Saiton SAITON B.O 795133
Tangjeng SUGNU S.O 795101
Tera Khongsangbi TERAKHONGSHANGBI B.O 795133
Thamnapokpi NARANSENA B.O 795133
Thanga MOIRANG S.O 795133
Thanga THANGA(P) B.O 795133
Thumkhonglok THUMKHONGLOK B.O 795133
Torbung MOIRANG S.O 795133
Torbung TORBUNG B.O 795133
Tronglaobi TRONGLAOBI B.O 795133
Wangoo Ahallup WANGOO B.O 795133
Wangoo Keirap WANGOO B.O 795133
Wangoo Tera WANGOO TERA B.O 795133
Wapokpi ETHAI BAZAR B.O 795133

We have pincode or post office details available for 46 localities of MOIRANG SUB-DIVISION taluka / tehsil in our database.