List of All Localities/Villages in MANGAN

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Barfok SANGKALAN B.O 737116
Chawang PHAMTAM B.O 737116
Dikchu DIKCHU S.O 737107
Gnon-Samdong LOWER DZONGU B.O 737116
Gor GOR B.O 737107
Hee-Gyathang LOWER DZONGU B.O 737116
Kabi KABI S.O 737117
Kabi Forest Block KABI S.O 737117
Kazor MANGAN S.O 737116
L. Mangshila TINGCHIM B.O 737116
L. Mangshila MANUL B.O 737116
Labi NAMOK B.O 737116
Lingdem LINGTHEM B.O 737116
Lingdong SANGKALAN B.O 737116
Lingthem LINGDEM B.O 737116
Lingzah-Tolung TINGVONG B.O 737116
Mangan MANGAN S.O 737116
Mangan Forest Block SANGKALAN B.O 737116
Mangan Forest Block RANGRANG B.O 737116
Mangan Forest Block MANGAN S.O 737116
Men-Rongong MEN RONG RONG B.O 737116
Meyong MANUL B.O 737116
Naga Forest Block NAGA B.O 737120
Naga-Namgor NAGA B.O 737120
Namok NAMOK B.O 737116
Nampatam RANGRANG B.O 737116
Pakshep MANGAN S.O 737116
Paney-Phensong PHENSONG S.O 737118
Phamtam PHAMTAM B.O 737116
Phodong PHUDONG S.O 737119
Phodong Forest Block PHUDONG S.O 737119
Ramthang RAMTHANG B.O 737116
Ringhim MANGAN S.O 737116
Rongong MEN RONG RONG B.O 737116
Sakyong-Pentong LINGTHEM B.O 737116
Salim Pakel SINGHIK B.O 737116
Sangtok GOR B.O 737107
Sentam SINGHIK B.O 737116
Sheyam NAMOK B.O 737116
Singchit MANUL B.O 737116
Singhik SINGHIK B.O 737116
Tangyek LOWER DZONGU B.O 737116
Tingbong TINGVONG B.O 737116
Tingchim TINGCHIM B.O 737116
Tingda KABI S.O 737117
Tumlong PHUDONG S.O 737119
U. Mangshila TINGCHIM B.O 737116
Upper Dzongu Forest Block TINGVONG B.O 737116
Zimchung MANGAN S.O 737116

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