List of All Localities/Villages in MANCHERIAL

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Babanagar GADAPUR B.O 504209
Balraopet PEDDAMPET B.O 504207
Buddipally DONABANDA S.O 504207
Centrepalli MULKALA B.O 504209
Chandanapur NAMNOOR B.O 504207
Chinyagudem GADAPUR B.O 504209
Chokkaram nagar HAZIPUR B.O 504207
Coal Chemical Complex COAL CHEMICAL COMPLEX S.O 504302
Dharmaram HAZIPUR B.O 504207
Donabanda DONABANDA S.O 504207
Dubbagudem GADAPUR B.O 504209
Dubbapalli NAMNOOR B.O 504207
Gadhpur GADAPUR B.O 504209
Gangaputra Colony MULKALA B.O 504209
Gangoddupalli MULKALA B.O 504209
Gollapalli PEDDAMPET B.O 504207
Grain Market Adilabad GRAIN MARKET S.O (ADILABAD) 504208
Gudipet NAMNOOR B.O 504207
Gudipet GUDIPET B.O 504273
Gudipet 13th Police Camp Batalian MULKALA B.O 504209
Hajipur HAZIPUR B.O 504207
IML Liquor Depot NAMNOOR B.O 504207
Karnamamidi KARNAMAMIDI B.O 504207
Kondapur DONABANDA S.O 504207
Kondapur RAIPALLY B.O 504207
Kothagadpur GADAPUR B.O 504209
Kothagudem GADAPUR B.O 504209
Kothapalli VEMPALLI B.O 504209
Kothapalligudem RAIPALLY B.O 504207
Mancherial MANCHERIAL H.O 504208
Mancherial Bazar MANCHERIAL BAZAR S.O 504208
Mancherial Cement Works MANCHERIAL CEMENT WORKS S.O 504209
Mulkalla MULKALA B.O 504209
Murrigudem GADAPUR B.O 504209
Muthyampet DONABANDA S.O 504207
Nagaram GADAPUR B.O 504209
Namnur NAMNOOR B.O 504207
Narsingapur NAMNOOR B.O 504207
Naspur NASPUR B.O 504302
Padthenpalle KARNAMAMIDI B.O 504207
Patha Mancherial PATHA MANCHERIAL B.O 504208
Peddagopalpur GADAPUR B.O 504209
Peddampet PEDDAMPET B.O 504207
Rajeshwarraopalle NAMNOOR B.O 504207
Rampur KARNAMAMIDI B.O 504207
Rapalle RAIPALLY B.O 504207
Ryali GADAPUR B.O 504209
Sangammallaiah palle COAL CHEMICAL COMPLEX S.O 504302
Seetaramapalle (Rural) NASPUR B.O 504302
Srirampur Colony SRIRAMPUR COLONY S.O 504303
Subbapalle HAZIPUR B.O 504207
Teagalpahad NASPUR B.O 504302
Teagalpahad SRIRAMPUR COLONY S.O 504303
Teekanapalli HAZIPUR B.O 504207
Vagoddupalli MULKALA B.O 504209
Vempalle VEMPALLI B.O 504209

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