List of All Localities/Villages in LINGAMPET

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Banapur KORPOLE B.O 503124
Bayampalle KORPOLE B.O 503124
Bhavanipet BHAVANIPET B.O 503122
Bhavanipet Thanda BHAVANIPET B.O 503122
Bonal LINGAMPET S.O 503124
ekkapalli SHETPALLI B.O 503108
ekkapalli thanda SHETPALLI B.O 503108
Jaldipalle BHAVANIPET B.O 503112
Jaldipally BHAVANIPET B.O 503122
Jankampally (Khurdu) BHAVANIPET B.O 503122
Jankampally Thanda BHAVANIPET B.O 503122
Kanchmahal BHAVANIPET B.O 503122
Kannapur POLKAMPET B.O 503124
Kondapur KONDAPUR B.O 503110
Kondapur Thanda BHAVANIPET B.O 503122
Korpole KORPOLE B.O 503124
Lingampalle (Khurd) LINGAMPALLI B.O 503124
Lingampet LINGAMPET S.O 503124
lonkal palli SHETPALLI B.O 503108
malapati SHETPALLI B.O 503108
Mangaram LINGAMPET S.O 503124
Mombajipet BHAVANIPET B.O 503122
Mombajipet Thanda BHAVANIPET B.O 503122
Motha MOTHA B.O 503120
Nagaram KORPOLE B.O 503124
Nallamadugu KORPOLE B.O 503124
Perumalla PERUMALLA B.O 503124
Polkampet POLKAMPET B.O 503124
Pothaipalle POTHIAPALLI B.O 503124
Rampur LINGAMPET S.O 503124
Rampur RAMPUR B.O 503187
Rampur Thanda BHAVANIPET B.O 503122
Rampur(Khurdu) BHAVANIPET B.O 503122
sajtanapalli SHETPALLI B.O 503108
Shatpalle SHETPALLI B.O 503124
Shatpalle SHETPALLI B.O 503108
Shetpalle SHETPALLI B.O 503124
Yellaram LINGAMPALLI B.O 503124

We have pincode or post office details available for 38 localities of LINGAMPET taluka / tehsil in our database.