List of All Localities/Villages in LINGALAGHANPUR

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Cheeturu CHEETUR B.O 506303
Chinnarajpet JEEDIKAL B.O 506201
Gummadavelli PEMBARTHY S.O 506201
Gummadavelli GUMMADAVALLI B.O 506201
Jeedikal JEEDIKAL B.O 506201
Jeedikal PEMBARTHY S.O 506201
Kallem PEMBARTHY S.O 506201
Kallem KALYAM B.O 506201
Kothapalle KOTHAPALLI B.O 506303
Kundaram KUNDARAM B.O 506303
Lingala Ghanpur LINGALA GHANPUR B.O 506201
Nagaram PEMBARTHY S.O 506201
Nagaram LINGALA GHANPUR B.O 506201
Nellutla NELLUTLA B.O 506175
Nyalapogula NELAPOGULA B.O 506303
Pembarthy PEMBARTHY S.O 506201
Siripuram PEMBARTHY S.O 506201
Siripuram SIRIPURAM B.O 506201
Vanaparthy WANAPARTHY B.O 506303
Waddicherla WADDICHERLA B.O 506303

We have pincode or post office details available for 21 localities of LINGALAGHANPUR taluka / tehsil in our database.