List of All Localities/Villages in LINGALA

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Akkulugaripalle AKKULUGARIPALLE B.O 516396
Ambakapalle AMBAKAPALLE B.O 516391
Balapanur DONDLAVAGU B.O 516484
Balapanur KAMASAMUDRAM B.O 516484
Bonala BONALA B.O 516484
Cherlopalle KOMMANUTHALA B.O 516396
Chinnakudala CHINNAKUNDALA B.O 516396
Dantalaplle VELIDANDLA B.O 516396
Diguvapalle MURARICHINTALA B.O 516391
Eguvapalle KOMMANUTHALA B.O 516396
Gunakanepalle GUNAKANAPALLE B.O 516396
Herojipuram IPPATLA B.O 516391
Intiobayapalle KAMASAMUDRAM B.O 516484
Kammavaripalle KAMASAMUDRAM B.O 516484
Karnapapayapalle KARNAPAPAYAPALLE B.O 516396
Kommanuthala KOMMANUTHALA B.O 516396
Lingala Cuddapah LINGALA S.O (CUDDAPAH) 516396
Lopatnuthala LOPATNUTHALA B.O 516396
Nerjampalle PARNAPALLE B.O 516396
Parnapalle PARNAPALLE B.O 516396
Peddakudala PEDDAKUNDALA B.O 516396
Pulivendla MURARICHINTALA B.O 516391
Pulivendla IPPATLA B.O 516391
Ramanuthalapalle GUNAKANAPALLE B.O 516396
Ramapuram KAMASAMUDRAM B.O 516484
Tatireddipalle KOMMANUTHALA B.O 516396
Ternampalle AKKULUGARIPALLE B.O 516396
Turukapalle PARNAPALLE B.O 516396
Velidandla VELIDANDLA B.O 516396
Yerramareddipalle AKKULUGARIPALLE B.O 516396

We have pincode or post office details available for 30 localities of LINGALA taluka / tehsil in our database.