List of All Localities/Villages in LAMPHELPAT SUB-DIVISION

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Ahongsangbam Leikai LAMPHELPAT S.O 795004
Babupara IMPHAL H.O 795001
BT Road IMPHAL H.O 795001
Canchipur CANCHIPUR (T/C/D) B.O 795003
Central Agriculture University CENTRAL AGRICULTURE UNIVERSITY B.O 795004
Chajing Pt-I LILONG S.O 795130
Chingamathak IMPHAL H.O 795001
Christian Centre Haochong CHRISTAN CENTRE HAOCHONG B.O 795146
Dewlahland IMPHAL H.O 795001
Heinoukhongnembi LAMPHELPAT S.O 795004
Irengnaga IRENGNAGA B.O 795146
Iroisemba LAMPHELPAT S.O 795004
Iroisemba IROISEMABA B.O 795004
Kakhulong IMPHAL H.O 795001
Keishampat IMPHAL H.O 795001
Khongnang Pheidekpi KHONGANGPHEIDEKPI B.O 795008
Kunja KUNJA (P) B.O 795003
Kwakeithel IMPHAL H.O 795001
Lalambung (Part) LAMPHELPAT S.O 795004
Lamboi Khongnangkhong LAMBOI KHONGNAGKHONG B.O 795004
Lamdeng LAMDENG B.O 795146
Lamphelpat LAMPHELPAT S.O 795004
Maibam Leikai LAMPHELPAT S.O 795004
Major Khul IMPHAL H.O 795001
Mongkhang Lambi MONGKHANG LAMBI B.O 795008
Naoremthong IMPHAL H.O 795001
Naoremthong Bazar NOREMTHONG BAZAR B.O 795004
North A.O.C IMPHAL H.O 795001
Oinam Thingel SINGJAMEI S.O 795008
Oinam Thingel OINAM THINGEL B.O 795008
Paona Bazar IMPHAL H.O 795001
Ponlian PONLIAN B.O 795146
Sagolband (Part) LAMPHELPAT S.O 795004
Sagolband (Part) IMPHAL H.O 795001
Sangaiprou IMPHAL H.O 795001
Sorokhaibam Leikai IMPHAL BAZAR S.O 795001
Takyel Khongbal CRPF CAMP LANGJING S.O 795113
Takyel Mapal TAKYEL KHONGBAL B.O 795113
Tera TERA BAZAR B.O 795004
Tera IMPHAL H.O 795001
Thangal Bazar IMPHAL H.O 795001
Uripok IMPHAL H.O 795001
Yaiskul IMPHAL H.O 795001

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