List of All Localities/Villages in KOYYALAGUDEM

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Atchuthapuram ATCHUTHAPURAM B.O 534312
Bayyanagudem BAYYANAGUDEM B.O 534312
Billimilli DIPPAKAYALAPADU B.O 534312
Bodigudem BODIGUDEM B.O 534312
Chopparamannagudem KOYYALAGUDEM S.O 534312
Dhramaraopeta VEDANTHAPURAM B.O 534312
Dippakayalapadu DIPPAKAYALAPADU B.O 534312
Eduvadalapalem YERRAMPETA B.O 534312
Gangagudem YERRAMPETA B.O 534312
Gavaravaram GAVARAVARAM B.O 534312
Gavaravaram KOYYALAGUDEM S.O 534312
Kanakadripuram YERRAMPETA B.O 534312
Kannapuram KANNAPURAM S.O 534311
Kannayagudem PONGUTURU B.O 534312
Kitchappagudem DIPPAKAYALAPADU B.O 534312
Koyyalagudem KOYYALAGUDEM S.O 534312
Kuntalagudem YERRAMPETA B.O 534312
Mahadevapuram KANDRIKAGUDEM B.O 534311
Mangapathidevipeta BODIGUDEM B.O 534312
Narasannapalem SEETHAMPETA B.O 534312
Parimpudi KOYYALAGUDEM S.O 534312
Ponguturu PONGUTURU B.O 534312
Rajavaram RAJAVARAM B.O 534312
Ramanujapuram RAMANUJAPURAM B.O 534312
Repalliwada BODIGUDEM B.O 534312
Saripalle SARIPALLI B.O 534312
Seethampeta SEETHAMPETA B.O 534312
Srirangapatnam ATCHUTHAPURAM B.O 534312
Tangellagudem DIPPAKAYALAPADU B.O 534312
Thimannakunta YERRAMPETA B.O 534312
Trinadhapuram ATCHUTHAPURAM B.O 534312
Vankabuttappagu DIPPAKAYALAPADU B.O 534312
Vedanthapuram VEDANTHAPURAM B.O 534312
Yerrampeta YERRAMPETA B.O 534312

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