List of All Localities/Villages in KOTANANDURU

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
A. Mallavaram CHEBROLU S.O 533449
A. Mallavaram LATCHIREDDIPALEM B.O 533406
Allipudi KOTANANDURU S.O 533407
Allipudi ALLIPUDI B.O 533407
Balarampuram LATCHIREDDIPALEM B.O 533406
Bapabhupalapatnam LATCHIREDDIPALEM B.O 533406
Bhimavarapukota BHIMAVARAPUKOTA B.O 533407
Bhimavarapukota KOTANANDURU S.O 533407
Billananduru BILLANANDURU B.O 533407
Billananduru KOTANANDURU S.O 533407
Boddavaram TUNI S.O 533401
Boddavaram BODDAVARAM B.O 533401
Chakirevulapalem SANTHAPYDIPALA B.O 533446
Challeru SANTHAPYDIPALA B.O 533446
D. Pydipala SANTHAPYDIPALA B.O 533446
Darakonda RAJAVARAM B.O 533407
Diguva Sivada RAJAVARAM B.O 533407
Diguvadarapalle RAJAVARAM B.O 533407
Gangavaram RAJAVARAM B.O 533407
Ginnelaram SANTHAPYDIPALA B.O 533446
Gummaregula ROUTHULAPUDI B.O 533446
Indugapalle INDUGUPALLI B.O 533407
Indugapalle KOTANANDURU S.O 533407
K. E. Chinnayyapalem K E CHINNAYYAPALEM B.O 533407
K. E. Chinnayyapalem KOTANANDURU S.O 533407
Kamatam Mallavaram KAMATAM MALLAVARAM B.O 533407
Kamatam Mallavaram KOTANANDURU S.O 533407
Kondapalem LATCHIREDDIPALEM B.O 533406
Koppaka Agraharam KAMATAM MALLAVARAM B.O 533407
Kotananduru KOTANANDURU S.O 533407
Kotha Kottam KOTANANDURU S.O 533407
Kotha Kottam KOTHAKOTTAM B.O 533407
Kothuru MULAGAPUDI B.O 533446
Kottam KOTHAKOTTAM B.O 533407
Latchireddipalem LATCHIREDDIPALEM B.O 533406
Mulagapudi MULAGAPUDI B.O 533446
R. Venkatapuram RAJAVARAM B.O 533407
Raghavapatnam SANTHAPYDIPALA B.O 533446
Rajavaram KOTANANDURU S.O 533407
Rajavaram RAJAVARAM B.O 533407
Ramakrishnapuram RAJAVARAM B.O 533407
Santha Pydipala SANKHAVARAM S.O 533446
Santha Pydipala SANTHAPYDIPALA B.O 533446
Sarlanka SANTHAPYDIPALA B.O 533446
Satyavaram SANTHAPYDIPALA B.O 533446
Surampeta RAJAVARAM B.O 533407
Surapurajupeta SURAPURAJUPEGTA B.O 533407
Surapurajupeta KOTANANDURU S.O 533407
Thatipaka Jagan Nadha Nagaram INDUGUPALLI B.O 533407
Thimmarajupeta K E CHINNAYYAPALEM B.O 533407
Tirupatammapeta SANTHAPYDIPALA B.O 533446
Uppampalem ROUTHULAPUDI B.O 533446

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