List of All Localities/Villages in KHANNA

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Alaur KHANNA H.O 141401
Alipur KHANNA H.O 141401
Amloh Road Khanna AMLOH ROAD(KHANNA) S.O 141401
Asgaripur BIJA KALAN B.O 141412
Baghaur IKOLAHA B.O 141414
Bahu Majra BAHOMAJRA B.O 141412
Baupur HOAL B.O 141414
Bhadla Nicha KHANNA H.O 141401
Bhadla Uncha KHANNA H.O 141401
Bhamaddi BHAMADDI B.O 141412
Bibipur HOAL B.O 141414
Bija BIJA KALAN B.O 141412
Bijapur ISSRU S.O 141414
Bir Kishan Singh CHAKOHI B.O 141414
Boothgarh KHANNA H.O 141401
Bullepur KHANNA H.O 141401
Chak Sarai JASPALON B.O 141421
Chakohi CHAKOHI B.O 141414
Chupki ABBOWAL B.O 141105
Daheru DAHERU S.O 141412
Faizgarh ISSRU S.O 141414
Fatehpur JALLAJAN B.O 141414
Fatehpur Dhak IKOLAHA B.O 141414
Gaggar Majra MOHANPUR B.O 141412
Galwadhi KHANNA H.O 141401
Gandhwan CHAK MAFI B.O 141417
Gazipur CHAKOHI B.O 141414
Goh GOH B.O 141417
Harion Kalan HARION KALAN B.O 141417
Hol HOAL B.O 141414
Ikolaha IKOLAHA B.O 141414
Ikolahi IKOLAHA B.O 141414
Ishanpur ROHNO KALAN B.O 141414
Ismailpur KHANNA H.O 141401
Isru ISSRU S.O 141414
Jalajan JALLAJAN B.O 141414
Jaspalon JASPALON B.O 141421
Jatana JATANA B.O 141421
kala CHAKOHI B.O 141414
kalal majra KALAL MAJRA B.O 141417
Kamma ISSRU S.O 141414
Kauri KHANNA H.O 141401
Khanna KHANNA H.O 141401
Khatra KHANNA H.O 141401
Khurd ISSRU S.O 141414
Kishangarh KISHANGARH B.O 141412
Kot Sheikhon BARMALIPUR B.O 141416
Kotla Dhak ISSRU S.O 141414
Kotpanech BARMALIPUR B.O 141416
Lalheri HARION KALAN B.O 141417
Libra LIBRA B.O 141412
Mahawan KHANNA H.O 141401
Majra Rahaon RAHAWAN S.O 141417
Majri RAIPUR MAJRI B.O 141411
Majri KHANNA H.O 141401
Malakpur HARION KALAN B.O 141417
Manak Majra KHANNA H.O 141401
Mandiala Kalan BIJA KALAN B.O 141412
Mehandipur KISHANGARH B.O 141412
Mohanpur MOHANPUR B.O 141412
Nai Mandi Khanna NAI MANDI KHANNA S.O 141401
Naraingarh IKOLAHA B.O 141414
Nasrali NASRALI B.O 141414
Panjrukha JALLAJAN B.O 141414
Patti Ishanpur ROHNO KALAN B.O 141414
Raipur RAIPUR MAJRI B.O 141411
Rajewal RAJEWAL B.O 141414
Ramgarh KHANNA H.O 141401
Rasulra KHANNA H.O 141401
Rattanheri KHANNA H.O 141401
Rohnon Kalan ROHNO KALAN B.O 141414
Rohnon Khurd ROHNO KALAN B.O 141414
Sahibpura KHANNA H.O 141401
Sarai Lashkri Khan BARMALIPUR B.O 141416
Taunsa HOAL B.O 141414
Turmari HOAL B.O 141414

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