List of All Localities/Villages in KAMEPALLE

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Bandi padu PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Barlagudem PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Basith Nagar MUCHERLA B.O 507182
Billudu terapa MUCHERLA B.O 507182
Bugga BAngar PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Captain Banzar MUCHERLA B.O 507182
Cheeniya PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Dharavath Thanda PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Gamidi Thanda PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Garidepalle PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Govindrala GOVINDARALA B.O 507182
Gudi Thanda PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Jairam Thanda GOVINDARALA B.O 507182
Jasthipalli MUCHERLA B.O 507182
Kamepalli KAMEPALLI B.O 507122
Komminepalle KOMMINEPALLI S.O 507182
Kondaigudem KOMMINEPALLI S.O 507182
Kotha Thanda PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Lacha Thanda PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Lalya Thanda MADDULAPALLI B.O 507182
Lingala KOTHALINGALA B.O 507182
Maddulapalle MADDULAPALLI B.O 507182
Maloth Thanda PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Mangala Thanda GOVINDARALA B.O 507182
Mucherla MUCHERLA B.O 507182
Narayanapuram MUCHERLA B.O 507182
nayak Thanda PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Nemilipuri PATHALINGALA B.O 507122
Numula bangar PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Oddugudem MUCHERLA B.O 507182
Pinjaramadugu PINJARAMADUGU B.O 507122
Ponnekal PONNEKAL B.O 507210
Raigudem GOVINDARALA B.O 507182
Repallewada Thanda MADDULAPALLI B.O 507182
Sathanigudem MUCHERLA B.O 507182
Sukki Thanda MUCHERLA B.O 507182
TekulaThanda PINJARAMADUGU B.O 507122
Thalla Gudem KAMEPALLI B.O 507122
Vootukur VOOTUKURU B.O 507122

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