List of All Localities/Villages in KAMBADUR

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Achampalle ACHAMPALLE B.O 515621
Ayyampalle CHENNAMPALLI B.O 515621
Ayyaparasapalli PALLURU B.O 515765
Chennampalle KARTHANAPARTHI B.O 515787
Chennampalle CHINNAMPALLI B.O 515761
Chennampalli CHENNAMPALLI B.O 515621
Cherlopalli MULAKANUR B.O 515765
D.Chennapalli KARTHANAPARTHI B.O 515787
Edugurralapalle KURAKULAPALLI B.O 515621
Goallapalli PALLURU B.O 515765
Gulyam RAMAPURAM B.O 515787
Handepalli HANDEPALLI B.O 515765
Jakkireddipalli THIMMAPURAM B.O 515765
Jallipalli VONTAREDDIPALLI B.O 515765
Kadiridevarapalli KADIRIDEVARAPALLI B.O 515765
Kambadur KAMBADUR S.O 515765
Karthanaparthi KARTHANAPARTHI B.O 515787
Kotaguddam VONTAREDDIPALLI B.O 515765
Kotham HANDEPALLI B.O 515765
Kottalapalli KAMBADUR S.O 515765
Kurakulapalle KURAKULAPALLI B.O 515621
Kurlapalli HANDEPALLI B.O 515765
Mallakunta RALLA ANANTAPURAM B.O 515621
Marrimakulapalli MARRIMAKULAPALLI B.O 515765
Mulakanur MULAKANUR B.O 515765
Mustivarimanda HANDEPALLI B.O 515765
Narasipalle KURAKULAPALLI B.O 515621
Nuthimadugu NUTHIMADUGU S.O 515787
Obaganipalli THIMMAPURAM B.O 515765
Pallur PALLURU B.O 515765
Ralla Anantapuram RALLA ANANTAPURAM B.O 515621
Rallapalle RALLA ANANTAPURAM B.O 515621
Ramapuram RAMAPURAM B.O 515787
Thimmapuram THIMMAPURAM B.O 515765
Thippepalli NUTHIMADUGU S.O 515787
Vontareddipalli VONTAREDDIPALLI B.O 515765
Yenumulachennampalli YENUMULACHENNAMPALLI B.O 515787
Yerramallepalli PALLURU B.O 515765

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