List of All Localities/Villages in KAMANPUR

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Begumpet BEGAMPET B.O 505212
Bodaguttapalli KANNAL B.O 505187
Centinary Colony CENTINARY COLONY S.O 505212
Gollapalli PERAPALLI B.O 505188
Gundaram KAMANPUR S.O 505188
Gundlapalli KANNAL B.O 505187
Jallipalle JULAPALLI B.O 505188
Julapalle JULAPALLI B.O 505188
Kalwacherla KALVACHARLA B.O 505212
Kamanpur KAMANPUR S.O 505188
Kannala KANNAL B.O 505187
Lankakesaram KALVACHARLA B.O 505212
Lingala ROMPIKUNTA B.O 505188
Medipalle RATHNAPUR B.O 505212
Mulkalapalle KALVACHARLA B.O 505212
Mustial SUNDILLA B.O 505209
Nagaram ROMPIKUNTA B.O 505188
Nagepalle RATHNAPUR B.O 505212
Pannur RATHNAPUR B.O 505212
Penchikalpet (Rural) ELKALAPALLI B.O 505188
Perapalle PERAPALLI B.O 505188
Rajapur KAMANPUR S.O 505188
Ranapur RANGAPURAM B.O 505188
Ratnapur RATHNAPUR B.O 505212
Rompikunta ROMPIKUNTA B.O 505188
Sundilla SUNDILLA B.O 505209
Upparlakesaram JALLARAM B.O 505184
Velgalpahad BEGAMPET B.O 505212

We have pincode or post office details available for 28 localities of KAMANPUR taluka / tehsil in our database.