List of All Localities/Villages in KALLUR

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
A.Gokulapadu A.GOKULAPADU B.O 518467
A.Nagalapuram PEDDAPADU B.O 518003
Aswathapuram L.POLUR B.O 518218
Bastipadu BASTIPADU B.O 518218
Bellavaram BOLLAVARAM B.O 518218
Chetla Mallapuram CHATLAMALLAPURAM B.O 518218
Chinna Tekur CHINNATEKUR B.O 518218
Chinnakottala K.MARKAPURAM B.O 518467
Chinthalamuni peta INDUSTRIAL ESTATE B.O 518003
Doddipadu CHINNATEKUR B.O 518218
Dupadu L.POLUR B.O 518218
Dupadu R.S L.POLUR B.O 518218
Errakathuva ULINDAKONDA S.O 518218
Industrial Estate INDUSTRIAL ESTATE B.O 518003
K.Markapuram K.MARKAPURAM B.O 518467
Kalluru KALLURU B.O 518003
Kollampalli thanda ULINDAKONDA S.O 518218
Konganapadu KONGANAPADU B.O 518218
Lakshmipeta PEDDAPADU B.O 518003
Laxmipuram L.POLUR B.O 518218
Nayakallu NAYAKALLU B.O 518218
Neryada PEDDAPADU B.O 518003
Obulapuram TADAKANAPALLI B.O 518218
obulapuram thanda TADAKANAPALLI B.O 518218
Pandipadu INDUSTRIAL ESTATE B.O 518003
Parla PARLA B.O 518467
Pedda Tekur CHINNATEKUR B.O 518218
Peddakottala K.MARKAPURAM B.O 518467
Peddapadu PEDDAPADU B.O 518003
Pusulur NAYAKALLU B.O 518218
Remadur ANUGONDA B.O 518467
Salkapuram SALKAPURAM B.O 518467
Thadakanapalle ULINDAKONDA S.O 518218
Thadakanapalle TADAKANAPALLI B.O 518218
Ulindakonda ULINDAKONDA S.O 518218
Vamasamudram TADAKANAPALLI B.O 518218
Yaparlapadu ULINDAKONDA S.O 518218

We have pincode or post office details available for 37 localities of KALLUR taluka / tehsil in our database.