List of All Localities/Villages in KAKCHING SUB-DIV.

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Aimol Khullen AIMOL KODAMPHAI B.O 795135
Aimol Khunou AIMOL KODAMPHAI B.O 795135
Arong Nongmaikhong KAKCHING S.O 795103
Arong Nongmaikhong ARONG NONGMAIKHONG B.O 795103
Chairel KAKCHING S.O 795103
Chairel CHAIREN B.O 795101
Elangkhangpokpi KAKCHING S.O 795103
Elangkhangpokpi ELANGKHANGPOKPI B.O 795103
Hiyanglam HIVANALAM B.O 795103
Hiyanglam KAKCHING S.O 795103
Hiyanglam II HIVANALAM B.O 795103
Irengband KAKCHING S.O 795103
Kakching Khunou KAKCHING KHUNOU B.O 795103
Kakching Khunou KAKCHING S.O 795103
Karongthel KARONGTHEL B.O 795148
Keirak KAKCHING S.O 795103
Keirak KEIRAK B.O 795103
Kha Manipur College K M COLLEGE B.O 795103
Kha Manipur College KAKCHING S.O 795103
Kharungpat SEKMAIJIN B.O 795132
Khudei Khunou KAKCHING S.O 795103
Khudei Khunou PALLEL S.O 795135
Laijing MINOU KHUNJAO B.O 795135
Laimanai LANGMEIDON B.O 795103
Langmeidong LANGMEIDON B.O 795103
Langmeidong KAKCHING S.O 795103
Laphupat LAPHUPAT B.O 795132
Leingangching LEINGANGCHING B.O 795103
Leingangching KAKCHING S.O 795103
Lokhi Maru SUGNU S.O 795101
Loushipat KAKCHING S.O 795103
Mahou MAHOU TERA B.O 795101
Mahou SUGNU S.O 795101
Mairembam MAIREMBAM B.O 795103
Mairembam KAKCHING S.O 795103
Mantak MANTAK B.O 795103
Mantak KAKCHING S.O 795103
Maring Phunal PHUNALMARING B.O 795130
MayengLamjao LANGMEIDON B.O 795103
Naodam Bazar KAKCHING S.O 795103
Naodum Bazar NODOOM BAZAR B.O 795103
Nungoo CHAIREN B.O 795101
Nungoo Wapokpi CHAIREN B.O 795101
Pallel PALLEL S.O 795135
Pangaltabi PANGALTABI B.O 795103
Purum Tampak CHAKPIKARONG S.O 795102
Salungpham SALUNGPHAM B.O 795148
Sangaikot SUGNU S.O 795101
Serou SUGNU S.O 795101
Serou SEROU B.O 795101
Sora SORA B.O 795103
Thongam SEKMAIJIN B.O 795132
Thongjao WAIKHONG B.O 795103
Thongjao KAKCHING S.O 795103
Thounaojam ELANGKHANGPOKPI B.O 795103
Tonsen WAIKHONG B.O 795103
Toupokpi TOUPOKPI B.O 795102
Wabagai WABAGAI B.O 795103
Wabagai KAKCHING S.O 795103
Waikhong Laimanai WAIKHONG B.O 795103
Waikhong Laimanai KAKCHING S.O 795103
Waikhong Ningthoumanai WAIKHONG B.O 795103
Waikhong Ningthoumanai KAKCHING S.O 795103
Wangoo WANGOO LAIPHAM B.O 795103
Wangoo KAKCHING S.O 795103

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