List of All Localities/Villages in JULAPALLE

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Abbapur JULAPALLI B.O 505525
Balarajupalli KUMMARIKUNTA B.O 505525
Buchhaiahpalli KUMMARIKUNTA B.O 505525
Burhanmiyapet SULTANPUR B.O 505525
Chimalapalli TELUKUNTA B.O 505525
Doolikatta DULIKATTA B.O 505525
Elgaid ELIGAID S.O 505525
Julapalli JULAPALLI B.O 505525
Kachapur KACHAPUR B.O 505525
Katikanapalli ELIGAID S.O 505525
Kichulatapalli WADAKAPUR B.O 505525
Kishanraopeta JULAPALLI B.O 505525
Konaraopeta JULAPALLI B.O 505525
Kothapalli SULTANPUR B.O 505525
Kummarikunta KUMMARIKUNTA B.O 505525
Lalapalli ELIGAID S.O 505525
Lalithapalli ELIGAID S.O 505525
Lokapeta MUPPIRITHOTA B.O 505525
Muppirithota MUPPIRITHOTA B.O 505525
Nagulapalli TELUKUNTA B.O 505525
Narsapur ELIGAID S.O 505525
Peddapur PEDDAPUR B.O 505415
Raikaldevapalle RAIKALDEVPALLI B.O 505185
Sivapalle SHIVAPALLI B.O 505525
Sultanpur SULTANPUR B.O 505525
Telukunta TELUKUNTA B.O 505525
Venkataraopalli VENKATARAOPALLI B.O 505525
Wadkapur WADAKAPUR B.O 505525

We have pincode or post office details available for 29 localities of JULAPALLE taluka / tehsil in our database.