List of All Localities/Villages in HUSSAINGANJ

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Ambedkar Nagar PARTAP PUR B.O 841226
Baghauni HUSSAINGANJ S.O 841237
Bararam BADRAM B.O 841241
Bhikhpur BHIKHPUR B.O 841408
Bhikhpur BHIKHPUR B.O 841237
Bhikhpur Bazar BHIKHPUR B.O 841237
Bindwal BADRAM B.O 841241
Chak Hazi FARIDPUR B.O 841231
Chanp CHAMP B.O 841241
Chhapiya Buzurg CHAPIA BUJURG B.O 841226
Chhapiya Khurd CHAPIA BUJURG B.O 841226
Chhata CHAPIA BUJURG B.O 841226
Dakhin Tola HARIHANS B.O 841286
Darweshpur HUSSAINGANJ S.O 841237
Datta Nagar HARIHANS B.O 841286
Dhankhar MARKAN B.O 841226
Dharampur BHIKHPUR B.O 841237
Dharampur Nawka Tola BHIKHPUR B.O 841237
Faridpur BHIKHPUR B.O 841237
Faridpur FARIDPUR B.O 841231
Gopalpur BAKERGANJ S.O 841286
Gosopali HABIBNAGAR B.O 841226
H.Ramnagar CHAPIA BUJURG B.O 841226
Habib nagar HABIBNAGAR B.O 841226
Habib Nagar Bazar HABIBNAGAR B.O 841226
Habib nagar hattapur HABIBNAGAR B.O 841226
Habib nagar Tola HABIBNAGAR B.O 841226
Habibnagar HABIBNAGAR B.O 841226
Harihans HARIHANS B.O 841286
Harihans West Tola HARIHANS B.O 841286
Hasanpurwa BAKERGANJ S.O 841286
Hathaura HATHURA B.O 841237
Hathauri CHAPIA BUJURG B.O 841226
Husainganj HUSSAINGANJ S.O 841237
Hussainganj HUSSAINGANJ S.O 841237
Islam Gary HARIHANS B.O 841286
Jurkan MARKAN B.O 841226
Karhanu BARHEYA B.O 841226
Katuli Chapra HARIHANS B.O 841286
Khajrauni FARIDPUR B.O 841231
Khanpur Khairanti HUSSAINGANJ S.O 841237
Kharsara HUSSAINGANJ S.O 841237
Kodai CHAMP B.O 841241
Machakna MACHAKNA B.O 841237
Mahpur FARIDPUR B.O 841231
Mahual BADRAM B.O 841241
Malikan HARIHANS B.O 841286
Markan MARKAN B.O 841226
Markan Bin Toli MARKAN B.O 841226
Mishrauli HABIBNAGAR B.O 841226
Nathpur HABIBNAGAR B.O 841226
Nawalpur BADRAM B.O 841241
Paighambarpur SIWAN H.O 841226
Pakaulia MACHAKNA B.O 841237
Partap Pur PARTAP PUR B.O 841226
Partappur PARTAP PUR B.O 841226
Ragar Tola HARIHANS B.O 841286
Rashid Chak SIWAN H.O 841226
Rasulpur CHAPIA BUJURG B.O 841226
Renua SIWAN H.O 841226
Sahdulepur PARTAP PUR B.O 841226
Salonepur MARKAN B.O 841226
Sarea HUSSAINGANJ S.O 841237
Shahbazpur HABIBNAGAR B.O 841226
Shankarpur HABIBNAGAR B.O 841226
Sidhaul TETRIA B.O 841226
Singarpatti HUSSAINGANJ S.O 841237
Sonahula HUSSAINGANJ S.O 841237
Surapur CHAPIA BUJURG B.O 841226
Surapur chhapiya CHAPIA BUJURG B.O 841226
Teghra CHAMP B.O 841241
Tetaria TETRIA B.O 841226
Tikri PARTAP PUR B.O 841226
VishaKhi Tola HARIHANS B.O 841286

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