List of All Localities/Villages in HOLAGUNDA

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Bommagundanahalli CHINNAHYTI B.O 518346
Chinnahyta CHINNAHYTI B.O 518346
Devaragaddam NERNIKI B.O 518395
Ellarthi Darga ELLARTHI B.O 518395
Gajjehalli GAJJEHALLI B.O 518308
Hebbatam HEBBATAM B.O 518308
Holalagondi HOLALAGONDI S.O 518346
Honnur HONNUR B.O 518346
Honnur kottala HONNUR B.O 518346
Indiragandhinagar HOLALAGONDI S.O 518346
Ingaladahal INGALADAHAL S.O 518308
Kogilathota KOGILATHOTA B.O 518346
Kothapeta NERNIKI B.O 518395
Kottala SAMMATAGERI B.O 518346
Lingadahalli LINGADAHALLI B.O 518308
Maddi Lingadahalli INGALADAHAL S.O 518308
Marlamadiki MARLAMADIKI B.O 518346
Muddatamagi KOGILATHOTA B.O 518346
Mugumangondi VIRUPAPURAM B.O 518346
Neraniki NERNIKI B.O 518395
Pedda Gonehal INGALADAHAL S.O 518308
Peddahyta CHINNAHYTI B.O 518346
Rajivnagar HOLALAGONDI S.O 518346
S.Virupapuram HOLALAGONDI S.O 518346
Sammathagiri SAMMATAGERI B.O 518346
Santhagudem HEBBATAM B.O 518308
Suluvoy VIRUPAPURAM B.O 518346
Thanda NERNIKI B.O 518395
Vandavagali VANDAVAGILI B.O 518308
Wagavakala HONNUR B.O 518346
Yellarthy ELLARTHI B.O 518395

We have pincode or post office details available for 31 localities of HOLAGUNDA taluka / tehsil in our database.